Beware the most intolerant religion alive today!

3 03 2007

   No, not the radical Islamist who wants to kill those who don’t submit to the will of allah. I’m talking about the religion that doesn’t want its words questioned. The high and powerful church of global warming. Its high priest is Al Gore who won’t talk to you unless you say he is right. It’s reported here that journalist should not be balanced in their reporting of global warming. He states that “Balance as bias” is keeping people from following his message of stopping global warming.

   You know this makes me look back in history to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The major religion of Europe was Roman Catholicism. And it was intertwined with the governments and got full of its self and corrupt, would threaten any one who dared speak something against it. And along comes this guy Copernicus and said that the earth is not the center of the universe. Then in the early sixteen hundreds her came Galileo Galilei giving empirical evidence to this and they threatend him. They forced him to recant and burned his books.

      So, some one please tell me the diffrence? Where people wont discuss anything unless you accept their side of the argument. Because they are so right? No. its because they are so self rightous that they are mentialy ill. A society that will not accept discusion is totalitarian, and that is not America. 


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10 03 2007
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