3 GOP’s cave

4 03 2007

Well here we are. The big 3 Romney, McCain, and Rudy said Ann was bad. the following was from NYTimes via Drudge

Three of the leading Republican presidential candidates on Saturday denounced one of their party’s best-known conservative commentators for using an antigay epithet when discussing a Democratic presidential contender at a gathering of conservatives here.The remarks by Ann Coulter, an author who regularly speaks at conservative events, were sharply denounced by the candidates, Senator John McCain of Arizona, Rudolph W. Giuliani of New York and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts. Their statements came after Democrats, gay rights groups and bloggers raised a storm of protest over the remarks.

Gee no one was mad on any blogs I’ve been on. Heck, some of them want to sell Ann some insult offsets!

Mr. Edwards’s aides responded with an e-mail message that attacked Ms. Coulter and urged supporters to donate to Mr. Edwards’s campaign. “John was singled out for a personal attack because the Republican establishment knows he poses the greatest threat to their power,” said his campaign manager, David E. Bonior. “Since they have nothing real to use against him, Coulter’s resorting to the classic right-wing strategy of riling up hate to smear a progressive socialist champion.”

OK I’ll give you Ann should have just stuck with the facts and made them call her every nasty thing in the book but WE all know Liberals Can say anything about white Christians and not get called on it. Ann still has a sense of humor about it.

Ms. Coulter, asked for a reaction to the Republican criticism, said in an e-mail message: “C’mon, it was a joke. I would never insult gays by suggesting that they are like John Edwards. That would be mean.”

So instead of standing up and saying She was making a joke and pointing out Dean & Co. have said a lot worse (google it) they wimped out. Oh will i be in trouble now for calling the big 3 wimp’s we are a year from the primary season and they are so afraid of the MSM they are caving. Whats next Thought reeducation for all conservatives? What will they make them cave on next? Universal Health care? Global Warming? Elimination of all guns?

We need some one who will lead and the big 3 ain’t it. I’ll throw out 3 good names. Tom Tancredo, Michael Savage and Ann Coulter. Yes I said Ann. Three REAL conservatives. Strong on boarders, defense and taking care of America. If you agree say so. if you think I’m a conservative moon-bat tell me. use the comments




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