Should CAIR be prosecuted under the RICO act?

10 03 2007

I found this over at INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY

The first Secular Islam Summit was a success if for no other reason than it intimidated the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the PR machine of militant Islam.

Now this is a Business Magazine, not your run of the mill bomb thower. But i guess TRUTH IS TRUTH!

It dispatched its henchmen to Florida to shout the reformers down at their confab earlier this week.

CAIR also posted on its Web site no fewer than four stories bashing the event and its courageous speakers, many of whom are women calling for an end to inequality and mistreatment under radical Islam.

CAIR declared the summit illegitimate because few of the participants are ‘practicing Muslims,’ and those who are, it claims, are merely pawns playing into the hands of ‘Islamophobes.’

In order to have legitimate reform, you need to have the right messengers,’ asserted CAIR spokesman Ahmed Bedier.

Right messengers… I get it, like all animals are equal, but some are MORE equal than others. This jerk mouth piece is so smug he doesn’t see himself gaging on his double speek.

And who might that be? The four CAIR executives who have been successfully prosecuted on terrorism-related charges? The CAIR co-founder who said the Quran should replace the U.S. Constitution as ‘the highest authority in America’?

Personal note here. NOT ON MY WATCH!

True voices of moderation are the delegates to the Secular Islam Summit, who insisted in their declaration that mosque and state should always be separate. They also called for tolerance for non-Muslims, and an end to violent jihad. CAIR should take notes.

So what if many of them are ex-Muslims? They risked their lives to leave Islam and now dare to openly criticize an ideology that everyone else is afraid to criticize.

What these brave souls have to say carries far more weight than anything said by CAIR, which couldn’t even bring itself to condemn Osama bin Laden in the wake of 9/11.

This again is from a Business Mag. You what? if they would have stayed put they would have probably been dead by now!

Fittingly, CAIR’s Bedier balked when summit delegate Tawfik Hamid, a former terrorist, challenged him to denounce Saudi sharia law for ‘killing apostates, beating women and stoning women.’

This is not about Saudi Arabia,’ he huffed. ‘We condemn any nation that misuses Islam, but we’re not going to condemn an entire nation. That’s like condemning London (sic).’

Another CAIR sugar daddy is the ruler of Dubai, which acted as the staging ground for the hijackers and the transit point for 9/11 cash.

Sheikh Mohammed, who before 9/11 requisitioned cargo jets to supply Osama bin Laden’s Afghan camps, owns CAIR’s D.C. headquarters through his foundation, which also holds telethons for Palestinian ‘martyrs.’

The same foundation recently pledged $50 million to CAIR to boost its operations, which includes a legal shop set up to intimidate critics with vexatious lawsuits.

Radical groups like CAIR have been on the offensive, primarily because counterattacks by moderates have been few and far between.

But the Secular Islam Summit offers a ray of hope. Just a handful of reformers gathered in Florida made CAIR squirm. Imagine if hundreds of moderate Muslim voices rose up and challenged the Saudi-backed Wahhabi lobby.

I have to say that this is the more of the same old I’m better than you so dont criticise me. I heard Hannity talk about the Muslim summit and wondered what he was talking about. Now we all know.

Does CAIR qualify for a RICO lawsuite?

  1. They advocate the elimination of our constitution in favor of sharia law
  2. They harras opponetes with frivolous lawsuites intended to delay exposing their fraud.
  3. They claim to be the only ones able to criticise those who they actualy represent.
  4. They say you should do what we tell you or we won’t be responible for what the uncontrolable masses will do. and again I state that they are bought and paid for by the Islamic Supremacists.

That would be a big YES!


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10 03 2007
Andrew Marcus

And if you want to see what the conference was really like, please watch my video I produced while attending the summit.


26 07 2007
There you go again! « The View From Out Here

[…] these clowns have got to knock it off. Some bright prosecutor needs to take these idiots up on a RICO charge… Oh yeah I did say that once […]

4 05 2011

That’s not just logic. That’s really siesnble.

5 05 2011

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