Some people can’t take criticism

10 03 2007

Who would have thought that some people can’t handle Glenn Beck.. Oh yeah, were talking about Liberals here right?

I read over at Your 2 Sense that Libs have a new disease that causes obsessive hate toward the self proclaimed “sick freak”.

This really doesn’t surprise me. Liberal thinkers hate to get Clue-batted. They hate worse to get Clue-batted while being made fun of. Now in addition to all that, add to it the fact that some of it is happening on CNN-HN, which is liberal home turf. I guess it is too much for those moon-bats to handle.

What do they want? Truth doesn’t taste very good going down. Idiots.

Who are some of the most hated people today? Conservatives that use logic and whit. Some examples are..

My favorate blogger Emporor Misha I
Writer’s, Columnist’s and TV pundits Michelle Malken and Ann Coulter.
Radio personality Michael Savage.

Come on let me hear about it. Am I right or am i wrong.

The View From Out Here!




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