If it quacks like a terrorist…

13 03 2007

For those of you who haven’t heard it yet. The 6 imams that got removed of a USAir flight for public safety reasons, are going to sue Today. After being told by CAIR that they are victims of discrimination, they are going to tie up our courts with this stupid suite.

My wish is that this doesn’t pass a laugh test. But, were talking about Minnesota here. Most of the residents are Mondale, Humphrey types

To review what happened last November. People complained to the flight crew and police the following.

  1. They prayed “very loudly” if you want to pray be my guest. Discretion is always a good idea though.
  2. They were chanting allah, allah, allah. see my comment above.
  3. 3 people had one way tickets and no luggage. normally people that fly are going or coming to some place and need a change of clothes. unless your not planning on living through the flight.
  4. All 6 were described as skinny but asked for seat belt extensions. Did they have body image problems or wanted us fat Americans to feel bad?
  5. They were overheard saying what a good guy sadam hussain was and dissing America. Have some respect for the country thats putting up with your sorry carcases.
  6. They were not sitting together as you would expect they broke into groups of 2 in 3 sections. easier to take control that way

While one of these by them self wouldn’t justify suspicion, I say that together it is just cause to remove them. At best these guys were stupid. Maybe they thought that they could just say they were joking. Maybe they wanted to see what they could get away with. It probably was a dry run. If not then they were trying to get pitched so they could file this suite.

What is needed is proof that this was all a set up by CAIR. They will scream on how prejudiced we are. That we discriminated against them because they are muslim. NO

They acted like terrorists. In America we have a saying. If you look like a duck, act like a duck and quack like a duck. YOU ARE A DUCK. 6 men made 6 quacks. They were behaving and acting like terrorists. Guess what? We think they are terrorists.

muslims are not terrorists, most terrorists are muslim.

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