Quantity of Troops increase, casualty’s go Down.

14 03 2007

Fatality rates for US solders has gone down 60% over the last month. What are we now doing right, to deserve such good fortune? We are putting more solders into areas like Al-Sadr city. We are starting to realy fight this war.

Instead of the Rumsfeld doctrine of using just enough solders to loose this war, we are putting down enough troops to keep the killers from messing with us. And attacks against strongholds north of Bagdad have curbed them shooting at our helicopters.

Now if the Liberals Mentally ill can get it though their heads that the only “new direction” we need is victory, we might do good. this is the first thing done right since the end of hostility’s. Can we do this? we had better.

The View From Out Here




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