PA lawmakers are trying to find out where the guns are

15 04 2007

I live a few miles from the Ohio – PA border and this caught my attention.

The democratic majority wants to tax all non-antique guns. This does two things. First it gives them another revenue stream to spend on pet projects. It also lets the government know where the guns are.

The restrictions that this bill will put on gun owners are onerous. First a there is a $10 fee on each gun. Then you have photo IDs with 2 pictures you must update every year then you have to keep the guns registration, I call it the government permission slip, with the gun at all times. or else your a criminal, most gun fearing democrats or socialists think you are because you have a gun.

The good news is there are legislators fighting this. They are Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, Rep. John Evans and Sen. John Pippy who are introducing legislation to fight this oppressive bill. In addition, there is a petition here for you to sign if you are against any more restrictive gun laws.

Now to Ohio, lets let our legislators know we won’t let them try to shove crap like this down our throats without a fight.

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Don Imus is not the enemy

14 04 2007

Don Imus is not the enemy of blacks. Let me tell you why. When has Imus shot black children and young men? When has Imus gotten a young black woman pregnant and not taken care of her, or be a father to the child, leaving them to seek help from the state? When has Imus killed people who cooperated with the police? Just because they saw Imus do something illegal to begin with? When has Imus given drugs to black children to make them dependant(a.k.a. Slaves), so they would steal and kill to get their next fix? When has Imus used black children to sell drugs, because if they got busted they wouldn’t do hard time? When has Imus killed old men and women because they stood up to him and said “you’re not selling drugs in my neighborhood”? When has Imus told black children that the police, who are there to protect them, are bigots that want to crack their heads open? When has Imus made a video showing scantily clad black women, while he talks disgustingly about them?

Don Imus is a cranky old fool. Don Imus is not the enemy of black people.

Ohio children will suffer because of Teachers Unions

12 04 2007

Well, Viewers,

Ohio’s children once again are made to suffer, because the politicians have to pay the special interests that gave them money. Now Strickland’s cronies want to de-fund the school choice, charter and home schooling programs. Why, because when you give people a choice they will do what is best for their children. The quantity of students leaving public schools for these choices is an exodus of biblical proportions. This makes the Ohio teachers unions mad. ( Poor babies, let me call you an “WWHHAAAAmbulance”, whiners! )When they get mad they don’t improve themselfs, which would be the logical and sane thing to do. No, they call the politicians they have brought and paid for with PAC money, contributions and the threat of “WE won’t vote for YOU any more”. The teachers union tells the politicians they have to shut that crap down, if the children get educated well, we will be out of a job. Heck, if they get educated, they will realize what a bunch of socialist brain rot you democratic hucksters are trying to sell them, So, off Strickland & Co. go thinking they can do the will of special interests instead of the will of the people.

I need you to go HERE to find out to get in contact with your state rep and senator and tell them you are not going to let the Teachers Unions tell you how to educate your children. My wife and I home school our daughter, my wife does most of the work but I help, we have found that a parent knows best how a child learns. Is it easy? No, but the improvement we see in her is amazing.

You have to act. your children’s education is to important to sit and think some some one else will do it for you.

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PBS is afraid of the TRUTH!

10 04 2007


Dennis Wagner at The Arizona Republic tells us that PBS canned a documentary that was scheduled to run on its America at a Crossroads series. The station that manages the series, WETA Washington, D.C., asked the producers to fire two co-producers because of their conservative political affiliations. They thought they could not produce an objective documentary.

WAHHHH, these two are not members of our brainwashing club so they cant play with the TV cameras.

Other things that happened were.

• A WETA manager pressed to eliminate a key perspective of the film: The claim that Muslim radicals are pushing to establish “parallel societies” in America and Europe governed by Shariah law rather than sectarian courts.

• After grants were issued, Crossroads managers commissioned a new film that overlapped with Islam vs. Islamists and competed for the same interview subjects.

• WETA appointed an advisory board that includes Aminah Beverly McCloud, director of World Islamic Studies at DePaul University. In an “unparalleled breach of ethics,” Burke says, McCloud took rough-cut segments of the film and showed them to Nation of Islam officials, who are a subject of the documentary. They threatened to sue.

“This utterly undermines any journalistic independence,” Burke wrote in an e-mail to WETA officials.

I think PBS is afraid to show that moderate Muslims are being repressed and silenced.

When did CAIR get to dictate policy at PBS?

Make a comment, tell me I’m crazy, I’m a adult I can take it.

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Truckers need our help

10 04 2007

Hey everyone,

I get done at my job at 4 AM, so I listen to the truckers network on AM radio and want to pass along the problem that the average Joe driver is facing. Congress is trying to pass a pilot program that would let drivers from 100 Mexican trucking company’s access to all US highways. Everything you get in a store arrives by truck. These 100 Mexican firms are mostly subsidiaries of Large US firms. now why would that be? Simple, the average US fleet wage is 31 cents a mile. The average Mexican wage is 18 cents a mile. Now if they only have to pay 18 cents a mile to a Mexican driver thats 13 cents more profit a mile a fleet owner can make. Because all that savings is not going to lower the cost of your milk and bread. I need all of you to call your congressmen and tell them to kill the pilot program that would let Mexican trucks on US roads. We have let enough of our industries be wiped out while we set on our arses and said oh that wont affect me. It does.

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9 04 2007

Hey Viewers,

I’m a long way from Oregon but this bugs me bad. Smokey over at Smoke Signals has a article about the Oregon senate passing a bill giving special rights to the homosexuals in that state.

The homosexual crowd thinks that if we legalize gay marriage that it will make us accept them. Because most of us tolerate them, not accept them. They want validation of their lifestyle from the public, because that will make them feel better about then choices they made. I had a cousin that died from the choices he made, and he told me that homosexuality is all about the promise of a moment until you got what you wanted, then the promise would be gone. But he never left that life until he died.

So, if you can wrap your head around all the pain that is involved in that. You should realize what longing is in the heart of homosexuals for acceptance. I don’t think that my cousin would have wanted to marry a partner. His parents had a bad relationship, and he had tried a heterosexual marriage (“To make the family happy” he said) and that was doomed from the start.

Now we have people who want to be normal by being married. They are going to find out 2 things I believe. First is people don’t want to be told what to accept. People are willing to put up with a lot, but don’t tell them what to accept. i have to point out what happened in Largo, FL when the commission had voted 5-2 to fire him, less than a week after the news broke that Stanton intended to have gender reassignment surgery. Can you see what would happen to the Oregon legislature as they push this?

Secondly, if it passed homosexuals would find that being married will not make you accepted…

or happy about yourself.

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