9 04 2007

Hey Viewers,

I’m a long way from Oregon but this bugs me bad. Smokey over at Smoke Signals has a article about the Oregon senate passing a bill giving special rights to the homosexuals in that state.

The homosexual crowd thinks that if we legalize gay marriage that it will make us accept them. Because most of us tolerate them, not accept them. They want validation of their lifestyle from the public, because that will make them feel better about then choices they made. I had a cousin that died from the choices he made, and he told me that homosexuality is all about the promise of a moment until you got what you wanted, then the promise would be gone. But he never left that life until he died.

So, if you can wrap your head around all the pain that is involved in that. You should realize what longing is in the heart of homosexuals for acceptance. I don’t think that my cousin would have wanted to marry a partner. His parents had a bad relationship, and he had tried a heterosexual marriage (“To make the family happy” he said) and that was doomed from the start.

Now we have people who want to be normal by being married. They are going to find out 2 things I believe. First is people don’t want to be told what to accept. People are willing to put up with a lot, but don’t tell them what to accept. i have to point out what happened in Largo, FL when the commission had voted 5-2 to fire him, less than a week after the news broke that Stanton intended to have gender reassignment surgery. Can you see what would happen to the Oregon legislature as they push this?

Secondly, if it passed homosexuals would find that being married will not make you accepted…

or happy about yourself.

The View From Out Here




3 responses

10 04 2007
Jillian T. Weiss

Well, some good points. But isn’t the pain you speak of created by people who make life hell for gay people? By denying the “longing for acceptance” that all people have? By treating them like scum? It’s terrible that your cousing died of a disease, and I’m sorry to hear you had to go through that. But isn’t it silence about the fact that a percentage of the population has always been gay, and the shame imposed on them, that allows them to contract a disease out of ignorance? In more liberal areas of the country, like where I live, most gay people I know are not promiscuous. They don’t get sexually transmitted diseases. They have stable relationships. So how do you know that passing a law in Oregon isn’t going to make things better for them?

10 04 2007

Mr Weiss,

The pain i spoke of is caused by the choice of an unnatural lifestyle that is based on a lie of “if it feels good do it”. If you do something wrong why should you be accepted? I understand you don’t want to be told your choice is wrong. But, it is still wrong in the eyes of nature and morals.

I see you represent trans-gendered individuals. that person comes to the conclusion that they are “sexually wrong” and want to change do you help them understand the pain, suffering and psychological damage they cause family members by their choice? Or, you in believe you are in your right mind when you tell someone its OK to be mutilated so they think better of them self? any surgeon that does gender reassignment operations should have their license revoked. you should probably be brought be hauled before the bar ethics panel of your state and scourged for not representing the BEST interest of your clients and probably check in for some therapy. You appear to me to be a sad, ill man

10 04 2007

Jillian – the pain and suffering I see in the eyes of my gay friends is not because I “make their life hell”. Each and every one of them know that I vehemently disagree with the life they live, and that I will never accept it, but they also know that I will never attempt to brow beat them into accepting my point of view. If you are living contrary to nature and God (and we are creatures created in God’s image, created for fellowship with the Almighty), you feel that, whether or not you act on that and change, is your choice, as human beings have and have always had free will. My issue is not the fact that the Oregon state legislature wants to address discrimination, as I feel that any form of discrimination is wrong, but by forcing CHURCHES to hire homosexuals (and I wonder if any of them will force a Mosque to do that), they are violating the first ammendment. This is what the left has been screaming for years. This is not trying to avoid legislating morality, this is legislating THEIR VERSION of morality, by telling others to go against their own morals, which is just flat wrong.

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