Truckers need our help

10 04 2007

Hey everyone,

I get done at my job at 4 AM, so I listen to the truckers network on AM radio and want to pass along the problem that the average Joe driver is facing. Congress is trying to pass a pilot program that would let drivers from 100 Mexican trucking company’s access to all US highways. Everything you get in a store arrives by truck. These 100 Mexican firms are mostly subsidiaries of Large US firms. now why would that be? Simple, the average US fleet wage is 31 cents a mile. The average Mexican wage is 18 cents a mile. Now if they only have to pay 18 cents a mile to a Mexican driver thats 13 cents more profit a mile a fleet owner can make. Because all that savings is not going to lower the cost of your milk and bread. I need all of you to call your congressmen and tell them to kill the pilot program that would let Mexican trucks on US roads. We have let enough of our industries be wiped out while we set on our arses and said oh that wont affect me. It does.

The View From Out Here




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