Ohio children will suffer because of Teachers Unions

12 04 2007

Well, Viewers,

Ohio’s children once again are made to suffer, because the politicians have to pay the special interests that gave them money. Now Strickland’s cronies want to de-fund the school choice, charter and home schooling programs. Why, because when you give people a choice they will do what is best for their children. The quantity of students leaving public schools for these choices is an exodus of biblical proportions. This makes the Ohio teachers unions mad. ( Poor babies, let me call you an “WWHHAAAAmbulance”, whiners! )When they get mad they don’t improve themselfs, which would be the logical and sane thing to do. No, they call the politicians they have brought and paid for with PAC money, contributions and the threat of “WE won’t vote for YOU any more”. The teachers union tells the politicians they have to shut that crap down, if the children get educated well, we will be out of a job. Heck, if they get educated, they will realize what a bunch of socialist brain rot you democratic hucksters are trying to sell them, So, off Strickland & Co. go thinking they can do the will of special interests instead of the will of the people.

I need you to go HERE to find out to get in contact with your state rep and senator and tell them you are not going to let the Teachers Unions tell you how to educate your children. My wife and I home school our daughter, my wife does most of the work but I help, we have found that a parent knows best how a child learns. Is it easy? No, but the improvement we see in her is amazing.

You have to act. your children’s education is to important to sit and think some some one else will do it for you.

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