Don Imus is not the enemy

14 04 2007

Don Imus is not the enemy of blacks. Let me tell you why. When has Imus shot black children and young men? When has Imus gotten a young black woman pregnant and not taken care of her, or be a father to the child, leaving them to seek help from the state? When has Imus killed people who cooperated with the police? Just because they saw Imus do something illegal to begin with? When has Imus given drugs to black children to make them dependant(a.k.a. Slaves), so they would steal and kill to get their next fix? When has Imus used black children to sell drugs, because if they got busted they wouldn’t do hard time? When has Imus killed old men and women because they stood up to him and said “you’re not selling drugs in my neighborhood”? When has Imus told black children that the police, who are there to protect them, are bigots that want to crack their heads open? When has Imus made a video showing scantily clad black women, while he talks disgustingly about them?

Don Imus is a cranky old fool. Don Imus is not the enemy of black people.




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