PA lawmakers are trying to find out where the guns are

15 04 2007

I live a few miles from the Ohio – PA border and this caught my attention.

The democratic majority wants to tax all non-antique guns. This does two things. First it gives them another revenue stream to spend on pet projects. It also lets the government know where the guns are.

The restrictions that this bill will put on gun owners are onerous. First a there is a $10 fee on each gun. Then you have photo IDs with 2 pictures you must update every year then you have to keep the guns registration, I call it the government permission slip, with the gun at all times. or else your a criminal, most gun fearing democrats or socialists think you are because you have a gun.

The good news is there are legislators fighting this. They are Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, Rep. John Evans and Sen. John Pippy who are introducing legislation to fight this oppressive bill. In addition, there is a petition here for you to sign if you are against any more restrictive gun laws.

Now to Ohio, lets let our legislators know we won’t let them try to shove crap like this down our throats without a fight.

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