What do we do now?

29 06 2007

Now that “We the People” have roared, and most of the Senate found out that they can’t just do what they want. We have been giving ourselves a well deserved pat on our backs. I am going to ask all of us in the Conservative blogosphere, as it appears that we are the voice of the conservative movement. What do we do next?

Most of us have been appalled by the way that we have been treated by the National, State and Local Republican Party. We have been lectured to by men who have proved that they would prefer to sell their own mothers for a quick buck, then do what is right for our country. I remind you of the Dubai ports deal, being called bigots and racists during the “shamnesty” debate. I asked a member of my counties party if I would make a point by delivering a brick with “No Amnesty” on one side and “Jail employers of Illegal immigrants” on the other. He liked the idea but said that I would be told that “We can’t do it, you don’t understand the economic damage that would do to the country”. I wrote about these people in “The Treason of ’07“. Thinking over these things in my mind still makes my blood boil.

I think we have three choices.

First, is the easiest, let every thing go as they are. Let these oligarchic republicans rule us, and we fight them on a as needed basis. This Idea makes me sick. They are already planning on how to get back at us for standing up to them. Senator Voinovich’s comments on Sean Hannity’s show prove how smugly superior they think they are to us “people”, plebiscites or hoi polloi.

The second choice is to have a “Reformation” of the Republican Party. Start working now to get non-corporately “bought” people into every party infrastructure position and elected office. We would have to work from the grass roots up. The Liberals did this to the Democratic party, to its ruin, starting in the early 60’s. So we see that a belief system can control a major party. I believe the problem with this is that the “big money slaves” are too entrenched in the party to be pushed out by “Idealists”.

Our last choice is to begin the formation of what I will call the “American Conservative Party”. This can not happen overnight or in this cycle. I can not fathom the damage that a Hildabeast/Silky Pony/obama presidency would do to this country. We would support any conservative candidate running as a Republican this election. We would ask them to come along with us for the 2010 or 2012 cycle. We would need to start to organize now or on Nov 5th 2008, into local and state parties. The republican party left their base, I guess its time to leave them. This would lead to the Sixth or Seventh party system (depends who you talk to) the American Conservative Party Vs The Democratic Party. I think this can work. it will not be easy, but Freedom and Liberty are only obtained by a people who want it with all their heart, and willing to give up all to attain it.

So What say you? America is waiting for our decision.

The View From Out Here



27 06 2007

Iran is Awakening to the wonders of Islamofacist rule. Tip of the Hat to Liberally Conservative.

The BBC is reporting

Iran fuel rations spark violence.

At least 12 petrol stations have been torched in the Iranian capital, Tehran, after the government announced fuel rationing for private vehicles.

Windows were smashed and stones thrown at the stations, and there was traffic chaos as motorists queued to buy fuel.

Iranians were given only two hours’ notice of the move that limits private drivers to 100 litres of fuel a month.

Despite its huge energy reserves, Iran lacks refining capacity and it imports about 40% of its petrol.

The country has a large budget deficit largely caused by fuel subsidies and the inflation rate is estimated at 20-30%.

I guess that they realize that Islam can’t get them to work, so they can feed their Children. I think a wise man said you can’t feed people bayonets.

“Guns, fireworks, tanks, [President] Ahmadinejad should be killed,” chanted angry youths, throwing stones at police.

You will make me happy if you add the Mullahs to that list.

The protests are the first large-scale outpouring of anger against the Iranian government since Mr Ahmadinejad took office in 2005.

Iran’s petrol is heavily subsidised, sold at about a fifth of its real cost.

The price of 1,000 rials ($0.11) per litre makes Iran one of the cheapest countries in the world for motorists.

See, they tried to buy the people by selling gas at below cost and now that the cant afford it, the deck of cards falls.

Our correspondent says rationing fuel is only likely to add to high inflation.

The US, which is leading efforts to pressure Iran to suspend its uranium enrichment activities, has said Iran’s fuel imports are a point of “leverage”.

If the Mullahs learn to behave like Human Beings the rest of the world will play with them. If you can read this in Iran, keep it up! Freedom is not cheap, but is worth it.

The View From Out Here

Here’s an idea Rev. Jackson, Protest the killers, not the guns!

24 06 2007

The Rev. Jesse Jackson was arrested Saturday in-front of a gun store on Chicago’s south side. He was in a protest over a child that was killed on a city bus. This is a tragedy that should not have happened. I feel that he is going about it the wrong way.

Camp yourself out in-front of the killers house. Let the world see that you will not put up with criminals in your neighborhood. It doesn’t matter that they had guns, they were evil people who wanted to kill. wither or not they had a gun. Protest the drug deals that lead to this killing. 911 is a free call on your cell phone Jesse. If you do you will raise your credibility in the eyes of all Americans.

It wont be easy, you may suffer for it. You may be branded a snitch litteraly. But the best house cleaning starts on the inside and works its way out.

The View From Out Here

Hiring illegals to do jobs Americans refuse to be paid slave wages for!

23 06 2007

Two trucking company owners, impatient waiting for congress to pass “sh-amnesty”. Came up with a plan to make more money by not hiring Americans, until they got busted by ICE.

Last week in Philadelphia, 12 men were arrested for obtaining and using fraudulent CDL’s (Commercial Drivers Licenses) 10 were Illegal Workers Slaves from Brazil. The other 2 are Jose Pereira Silva, of Real Transportation Inc. and Fausto Ferrez Pereira, of Fausto’s Trucking Inc. – were charged with conspiracy to commit identification fraud.

The drivers then allegedly were hired by the two companies to haul construction debris from Philadelphia to several landfills outside Philadelphia.

Here is another example of greed in action. They don’t want to pay good wages to Americans so they get someone who doesn’t know anything but slavery in their home country to do the job for less. they bid less then anyone else and where does the money go? In the pockets of the owners.

This just the beginning of what will happen if Sh-amnesty passes. the downward effect on wages will bring poverty on the US like a plague. Stop Comprehensive Amnesty now!

The View From Out Here

Another Reason Ohioans should kick Bob Taft’s Butt

20 06 2007

Last year Gov. Bob Taft became the poster boy for the “Culture of Corruption”. And he deserved it, through his arrogance and stupidity, Ohio got the moon bat consolation prize, Gov. Ted Strickland. Here are two reasons I believe he is a incompetent fool.

First, he tries to get rid of a idea that has worked not only in Ohio but every where else it has been tried, Educational choice. Now he is trying to limit and kill it because he needs to pay back all the Unioins that helped him get elected so they don’t have to improve. them selves or they can continue to make “useful idiots” out of our children by programing them to the importance of the state.

Now Ted is doing something more dangerous. Sunday night, Gov Strickland spoke in front of CAIR, a known front group for terrorists. By giving this bunch of liars and haters who try to stir up trouble in the courts legitimacy, he tells them that one day Sharia law will be accepted in Ohio. And the press says nothing about it. So its left up to people like me to spread the word. CAIR is a intelligent bunch. they learned the politics of manipulation from the likes of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. People who know how to manipulate politicians by saying, if you don’t do what we say then we will go the press and tell them what kind of intolerant, racist bigot you are. The press loves this kind of stuff because they think Stalin had it right. Hardly and conservative politicians will complain about this because they are too afraid of the big bad CAIR to say so.

So if you see Bob Taft today, please kick him in the rear and tell him it’s from the people of Ohio with Love!

The View From Out Here

Reason #12 that Liberalism is a Mental Illness

18 06 2007

The Texas Wildman, Ted Nugent, is passing along this tidbit. That they want everything their way and if you don’t like it we will reeducate you. Sir Paul McCartney Fired some roadies for sneaking a hamburger. Sir Paul a dedicated Vegan canned them. Now as a Conservative I’ll never get in your face about a choice unless it will immediately hurt you, or you hurt someone else.

I respect your choice to not eat meat. I am watching my cholesterol so I do sometimes eat veggie burgers and I like egg substitute. Now place that against the Image of PETA who want to force the country to stop eating meat because they believe its “Better for us”.

Don’t tell me that you know better than I do. PETA, you are not my mother as a adult in the United States I’m allowed to pursue my own freedom. Not have your failed Marxist ideals shoved down my throat.

The View From Out Here

Goodbye, Racebaiter!

18 06 2007

Well since none of my favorite blogs, Anti-Idiotarian, LGF haven’t said this I will.

The cluebat of justice is catching up to the “Durham Dirt bag” Mike Nifong. Saturday he was disbarred by his peers. This is the beginning of the pain of reaping what he sowed against 3 Duke lacrosse players. He set out with malice aforethought to destroy 3 young men in order to be reelected as District Attorney in Durham county N.C.

The now Disbarred Nifong is out of a job. Which is what he was trying to keep, ROTFLMAO. I see Via Drudge,

attorneys for Seligmann and the other two exonerated men, Collin Finnerty, 20, and David Evans, 24, are preparing to file a civil lawsuit against Nifong.

Good, anyone that uses race to get yourself elected should yourself unelected. The way he pandered to the black community will probably be a blue print for democrats to idolize.

Now the legal process will take care of him so the rest of you race baiter’s better watch out the people are wising up to the practices of the last 40 years.

This was not a black white issue. It was a TRUTH issue.

Again, from the bottom of my heart.

Goodbye, Racebaiter!

The View From Out Here