Why do employers refuse to pay the wages Americans need to live?

8 06 2007

Why do employers refuse to pay the wages Americans need to live?

We have all heard that “illegals do the jobs that Americans refuse to do.” Well if you pay thirty dollars a day to pick lettuce I wouldn’t. The answer to my question is as plain as the nose on your face.

“For the love of money is the root of all evil” This is pretty simple truth. People think that they are so smart because they try to figure out a complex solution to the problems of life. The simple answers are not pretty. That’s one of the reasons simple truth is rejected.

The love of money, now I need money to buy thing and I’d like to have extra to buy ‘things’ for my wife and daughter. I am not advocating the failed idea of socialism/communism. What I’m getting at is simple. Its how we as Americans look at our selfs and our countrymen. Here is another simple rule “Treat others the way you want to be treated” it works. In the last ten plus years it has been called “pay it forward” a simple universal truth. Do we want to be comfortable? Let’s make life comfortable for others.

Is not a business like a family? The owner is the parent, and the employees are children. What parent doesn’t take care of their child? A very despicable one. Or worse yet, takes care of other peoples children but leaves his begging for food. This is what happens when a company leaves a town to go to another country because the labor is cheaper. They are the bad parent. The easiest example of this is the auto industry. Universal Motors (UM) had 10 big plants in Ohio. They employed five percent of all Ohioans. All of whom made at least twenty five dollars an hour. Plus the amount of money those jobs put into Ohio’s economy created another ten percent of Ohio’s economy making at least ten dollars an hour. Between these two groups they can afford UM’s $25K cars. Now UM wants to save money so they pack up and go outside the US to El Sur (the south) and pay ten dollars a day to the el suricans. Why did UM do this? For the love of money. To paraphrase 1984 the goal of making money, is making money.UM is a bad parent.

Now let me continue the truth story here with what happens next. Some people call this the law of unintended consequences but in this case its the Universal law of “You will reap what you sow” For a while UM is happy. Profit flows, bonuses abound. Now that Ohio has lost 15 percent of their jobs, wages go down to 5.25 an hour in Ohio. After a while UM realizes that they don’t sell as many cars as they used to. Like anyone can afford a new car on 1/5 of what you used to make! This keeps up till UM is bankrupt.

Illegals work at jobs that employers refuse to pay American wages to. Because they want more profit. We had a case at the beginning of the year of “just a few cents more” a pet food company wanted to save “just a few cents more” in production costs (more profit) and they bought wheat gluten from China where they don’t care about safe foods and as a result there are Hundreds of peoples beloved pets dead. “For a few cents more” savings lets hire the illegal standing outside the big box home store to build that addition instead of a fellow American carpenter who has a family to feed. How many of us have said I can save a “few cents more” by buying this thing that’s made in China instead of this one made here.

We have to buy things made here.
We have to elect representatives that will work to create and protect American jobs.

This sound hard but we have to save the country.

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