Is Olmert leading Israel to the Slaughter?

10 06 2007

I found this post and I wonder what will it take to get him thrown out on his ear for selling out his nation?

Why hasn’t anyone in power learned that appeasement will only lead to new demands. Israel got this land 40 years ago when Egypt’s President Nasser said he would “drive them (Israel) into the sea.” That phrase is really getting old.

I suggest the following rules.

1. You can not negotiate with people who say they want to kill you.

2. If you do you should lose your political office, be dragged into the street and be paraded with the sign “Traitor, Murder of our Children” on their neck then be set on fire. It would only need to be done once.

Not too harsh I think to teach a lesson


The View From Out Here




One response

25 06 2007

I pray for Israel and her future.

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