Education choice makes school board members mad

12 06 2007

School choice is driving educators and board members to seek help from the legislature. The quotes are taken from

East Liverpool City School board member Gary Bonnell testified before the Ohio Senate Finance and Financial Institutions Committee Wednesday regarding cyber-schools and what he terms “educational prostitution.”

Mr. Bonnell has been known to cause trouble at school board meetings and why he would be taken seriously by the Ohio Senate is unknown to me. But he brings to the forefront the whining that is going on from teachers, administrators and board members around the state. He was testifying about HB 119 Gov. Strickland’s budget.

According to a March 21 study by the Thomas B. Fordham institute, HB 119 prevents any new charter schools from opening in Ohio till 2009, cuts per-pupil funding for e-schools by $2,000, holds teachers of charter schools to the same licensing requirements as traditional schools and holds charter schools to all laws and rules applying to public schools. It also seeks to hold school district funding at current levels, preventing a public school district from losing funding when a student opts to attend a charter school instead, and eliminates the EdChoice grant that currently allows students whose schools do not meet Average Yearly Progress requirements to attend private schools on government funding.

Mr. Bonnell continued by attacking BOSS (Buckeye On-line School for Success) a cyber school based in East Liverpool which has cut into the ELSD enrollment.

He said he believes that BOSS founder Dr. Nick Trombetta has “infiltrated” East Liverpool city schools, leading to a $1.3 million loss to the district due to 182 East Liverpool students attending BOSS.

Mr Trombetta was a teacher and coach with ELSD in the 1980’s. In the 1990’s he went to the Midland, PA and became superintendent. PA then allowed school choice. He started The PA Cyber school, and then BOSS.

“I can well understand students voluntarily leaving our district to better themselves academically. This in fact, is not the case with students enrolled in BOSS. BOSS currently has a zero on the State Report Card,” Bonnell said in his written testimony.

Mr Bonnell isn’t pointing out East Liverpool’s middle school is currently in academic problems and a lot of kids are in the EdChoice program. Sarcasm warning. Mr. Pot meet Mr. Kettle Mr. Pot says “gee your black” end sarcasm warning.

He questioned the justifiability of cyberschools receiving the same amount of funding per student as traditional public schools do ($5,400 per student in state foundation funds), since he thinks their expenses would be considerably less.

Well, Mr. Bonnell you have and others want more money for your school even though more money hasn’t given the students a great education. I believe that we spend more per student than most country’s and don’t have a lot to show for it. But he thought that it isn’t for everyone.

When contacted following his testimony, Bonnell said he thinks that cyber education has its own niche—for instance, for students with high IQs who are self-motivated, those who are adequately supervised by a stay-at-home parent, or for some students with severe physical handicaps.

Sarcasm “But leave the average students to us. we promise to do a great job of making useful idiots out of them. end of sarcasm.

I have a home schooled daughter and My wife and I work to teach her well. When we could afford a home, we picked a town with a good district. Our daughter was bullied, and when she told teachers about it she was told to quit tattling. She was also ignored when she reported sex in the restrooms (This was a elementary).

The techers also want this to pass as I pointed out here.

A parent knows the best way for a child to learn. If they were to cheat they would only hurt them selfs. if you live in Ohio get a hold of your rep and tell them no on HB 119

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5 07 2007
Gary D. Bonnell

It is very obvious that this gentleman does not have the facts before he opens his mouth. It is apparent to me that he has strong ties with Dr. Nick Trombetta who is currently under a ten month Grand Jury investigation for his alleged misuse of his cyber educational empire. The fact remains that BOSS has a zero on the State Report Card, the lowest score in the State of Ohio. East Liverpool School District currently has an 8 on the State Report Card. If you would like to obtain all the facts of my testimony before the Ohio Senate on June 6, 2007, please contact Sentor John Carey’s Office in Columbus, Ohio and request, under the public records act, the complete and factual documentation supporting my testimony which is contained in a two inch binder.
Dr. Trombetta infiltratd our district by obtaining our school records and meeting with our principals without Board authorization for ten consecutive weeks and then illegally paying each of those principals a $500 stipend/honorarium. When Dr. Trombetta stepped into our district, 72 students (a loss to our district of approximately $388,000) were attending BOSS. Five months later after obtaining our records, that number peaked at 240 students. One year later, BOSS has 182 of our students which is a loss of over $1.3 million from our district. If you do not think Dr. Trombetta’s organization did not infiltrate our schools, think again. The neighboring school district of Beaver Local has exactly the same enrollment as East Liverpool (2240 students). Beaver Local currently has only 59 students attending BOSS.
I think that you, Sir, according to your own statement, have had a problem with your child. If there was wrong-doing involving your child, why didn’t you take a stand by addressing your own Board of Education?
For further information, I will have a website available in approximately four months devoted to facts about our school system. Click onto
Gary D. Bonnell
Board Member
East Liverpool City Schools

7 07 2007

Mr. Bonnell,

I responded with a new article here

11 08 2008
We are gathering today « The View From Out Here

[…] gained attention with his Jihad against school choice when he went before the Ohio State Senate and Complained about BOSS while not pointing out that his school was not educating children, which […]

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