The Treason of ’07

17 06 2007

There is a unholy alliance trying to steal the people’s political power for it’s self, kill the people’s freedoms, and destroy the ideal of America. Two groups want unlimited power for them selfs. So now they work together against the pleas of the people for their treasonous goal. Each group believes that when their grand plan ‘immigration reform’ is past, they in their twisted minds think that the goal it self will defeat the other side. In their thirst for absolute power they leave no sacred tradition safe on the way to making the American people slaves.

Both groups sicken me, since one is no better than the other I will start with the ‘Big Business’ republicans. This group wants a permanent class of peasant workers. 20 million plus undereducated illegals will drive down wages. This will cause the elimination of the middle class. This they believe is because the middle class usurps profits by the ‘high’ wages they earn. This idea is shown by the change of the goals of the republican party after the ’94 contract with America. They got elected with the will of the people and then did what they liked. Another example of the kill the middle class attitude is when a hard working person calls a talk show about wages and is told that unless that person has a collage education he should not earn a large amount of money per hour. The downfall of this group is if there is no middle class who will buy the consumer goods when no one can afford them as feeding your family comes first.

The other group of this abomination is the liberal democrats. They want total political power. For the last 40 years they have worked with the stated goal of improving live for the common man, they have created a government dependent class. This group votes constantly democrat because they don’t want cut off from the government teat. Now with the addition of 20 million plus ‘citizens’ who will need government services will cause a instant democratic majority in many states and nationally. All these people will get instant citizenship through ‘shamnesty’ without having to learn what makes the USA different. 20 million who think that all privileges and power come from the government. Not that power comes from the people. A lot of them come from countries which police and politicians are corrupt (the Mexicans call it ‘the bite’) and will assume that ours are to leading to the decline of our safety forces. The democrats will have their dream of creating a America in the image of the failed works of Marks, Lenin and Stalin. Look across the pond to Europe to see what awaits us if they get their way. Think on that before reading my next paragraph.

Now America are we going to lay down as sheep to the slaughter or are we going to stand up and fight this as American men and women? Don’t sit on your butt and think a blogger can do it by himself. Each of you must call every politician that serves you and make them miserable. Call your councilmen, mayor, township trustee, county commissioner, state representative state senator, governor, US Rep and US Senator and the White house. Tell them no to amnesty/reform. Secure our boarders like was promised in ’86 and we are the people of the United States and they will listen to US! Help the people out with this or know you helped the Treason of ’07.

The View From Out Here




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18 06 2007

This country is ready for a viable third party, there’s no way we can continue on the way we have been.
We need to get back to where the people run this country, not the politicians.

29 06 2007
What do we do now? « The View From Out Here

[…] the economic damage that would do to the country”. I wrote about these people in “The Treason of ‘07“. Thinking over these things in my mind still makes my blood […]

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