Reason #12 that Liberalism is a Mental Illness

18 06 2007

The Texas Wildman, Ted Nugent, is passing along this tidbit. That they want everything their way and if you don’t like it we will reeducate you. Sir Paul McCartney Fired some roadies for sneaking a hamburger. Sir Paul a dedicated Vegan canned them. Now as a Conservative I’ll never get in your face about a choice unless it will immediately hurt you, or you hurt someone else.

I respect your choice to not eat meat. I am watching my cholesterol so I do sometimes eat veggie burgers and I like egg substitute. Now place that against the Image of PETA who want to force the country to stop eating meat because they believe its “Better for us”.

Don’t tell me that you know better than I do. PETA, you are not my mother as a adult in the United States I’m allowed to pursue my own freedom. Not have your failed Marxist ideals shoved down my throat.

The View From Out Here




One response

19 06 2007

Unfortunately, what you fail to understand is that “mental illness” is itself a socialist-communist concept. Read the history of the Soviet Union. It is an excuse to take away the liberty of someone who merely dissents.

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