Another Reason Ohioans should kick Bob Taft’s Butt

20 06 2007

Last year Gov. Bob Taft became the poster boy for the “Culture of Corruption”. And he deserved it, through his arrogance and stupidity, Ohio got the moon bat consolation prize, Gov. Ted Strickland. Here are two reasons I believe he is a incompetent fool.

First, he tries to get rid of a idea that has worked not only in Ohio but every where else it has been tried, Educational choice. Now he is trying to limit and kill it because he needs to pay back all the Unioins that helped him get elected so they don’t have to improve. them selves or they can continue to make “useful idiots” out of our children by programing them to the importance of the state.

Now Ted is doing something more dangerous. Sunday night, Gov Strickland spoke in front of CAIR, a known front group for terrorists. By giving this bunch of liars and haters who try to stir up trouble in the courts legitimacy, he tells them that one day Sharia law will be accepted in Ohio. And the press says nothing about it. So its left up to people like me to spread the word. CAIR is a intelligent bunch. they learned the politics of manipulation from the likes of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. People who know how to manipulate politicians by saying, if you don’t do what we say then we will go the press and tell them what kind of intolerant, racist bigot you are. The press loves this kind of stuff because they think Stalin had it right. Hardly and conservative politicians will complain about this because they are too afraid of the big bad CAIR to say so.

So if you see Bob Taft today, please kick him in the rear and tell him it’s from the people of Ohio with Love!

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