Hiring illegals to do jobs Americans refuse to be paid slave wages for!

23 06 2007

Two trucking company owners, impatient waiting for congress to pass “sh-amnesty”. Came up with a plan to make more money by not hiring Americans, until they got busted by ICE.

Last week in Philadelphia, 12 men were arrested for obtaining and using fraudulent CDL’s (Commercial Drivers Licenses) 10 were Illegal Workers Slaves from Brazil. The other 2 are Jose Pereira Silva, of Real Transportation Inc. and Fausto Ferrez Pereira, of Fausto’s Trucking Inc. – were charged with conspiracy to commit identification fraud.

The drivers then allegedly were hired by the two companies to haul construction debris from Philadelphia to several landfills outside Philadelphia.

Here is another example of greed in action. They don’t want to pay good wages to Americans so they get someone who doesn’t know anything but slavery in their home country to do the job for less. they bid less then anyone else and where does the money go? In the pockets of the owners.

This just the beginning of what will happen if Sh-amnesty passes. the downward effect on wages will bring poverty on the US like a plague. Stop Comprehensive Amnesty now!

The View From Out Here




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