Here’s an idea Rev. Jackson, Protest the killers, not the guns!

24 06 2007

The Rev. Jesse Jackson was arrested Saturday in-front of a gun store on Chicago’s south side. He was in a protest over a child that was killed on a city bus. This is a tragedy that should not have happened. I feel that he is going about it the wrong way.

Camp yourself out in-front of the killers house. Let the world see that you will not put up with criminals in your neighborhood. It doesn’t matter that they had guns, they were evil people who wanted to kill. wither or not they had a gun. Protest the drug deals that lead to this killing. 911 is a free call on your cell phone Jesse. If you do you will raise your credibility in the eyes of all Americans.

It wont be easy, you may suffer for it. You may be branded a snitch litteraly. But the best house cleaning starts on the inside and works its way out.

The View From Out Here




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