Mr. President, to get back on our good side try this.

3 07 2007

Since you gave your friend a get out of jail card, here is what you can do to for us. Pardon Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, now.

This would be the gift that would signal concept that you have decided to straighten up and fly right. You can set these two men who were protecting us. These guys were railroaded by a political hack. you would be adored as the greatest president since Teddy Roosevelt.

The pain and humiliation that they have been through is enough to break a week man. These two heroes have stood proud, why, because they know they were doing their job. Now we the people ask you to do our will and free these American heroes.

Your country is waiting, Mr. President.

The View From Out Here




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16 07 2007
Dems are debating stupid things to hide what matters « The View From Out Here

[…] wrote before about these fine men Here. I have emailed all my friends and told them about the travesty these men have suffered at the […]

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