For the UK to survive, she must become a nation of “Hero Cabbies”

6 07 2007

Alex McIlveen is a normal working class cabbie in Glasgow. It turns out he’s a terroristbuster! He saw the attack at the airport and said “not in my country”. He jumped out of his cab and attacked the terrorist. Hit and kicked one, till the terrorist decided to hide in the car the terrorist set on fire. Then the other one got out and tried to get to the back of the Jeep. Alex thought he was going to get a gun so he turned his attention to him. The driver of the Jeep, who was on fire at this point, lashed out at Alex and was babbling in a foreign language and so Alex had to subdue him. Alex ran up and delivered 2 right hooks and then tried to finish him off with a full force kick to the groin. That didn’t put him down, he just kept on babbling his garbage. More people joined in and subdue him.

What got me about this is what Alex said next. “I don’t think the policeman I saw at the scene drew his baton during the whole thing.”

This tells me how far gone the UK is. I know that the UK is too “civilized” to have guns, but to be so afraid of being accused of excessive force to not try to subdue a man who trying to kill him and hundreds of innocent countrymen?

For the UK to survive, she must become a nation of Alex McIlveens. Men in the image of Churchill, William Wallace, Tommy the WWII soldier and the hooligan soccer fan. Men who would give their life to defend their country and said what they think.

While Gordon Brown works hard not to offend those who plan to kill him. Telling his cabinet not to use the M word, or that war on terrorism is not to be used. The every day Bloke knows what to do to a guy who is threatening his “British way of life”

The UK must become like Alex if they want to survive.

I can hear Gordon screaming now when they come to cut off his head. “But I didn’t offend you! I was nice to you! I didn’t threaten you!” and the Islamofacist will smile and say “yes, but you are still an infidel and shall be killed to prove allah is supreme!”

Do you need any more reason to stop fooling yourself?

The View From Out Here




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