In Response to Mr. Bonnell

6 07 2007

Mr. Gary D. Bonnell, the subject of a couple of the posts on this blog has responded to the posts. His responses were basically uniform so for simplicity I will respond here.

People who name call and state that someone is an idiot should very promptly stand in front of the mirror. I think you should quickly remember that Dr. Nick Trombetta is currently under a ten month Grand Jury investigation for his alleged misuse and abuse of his cyber empire.

First Mr Bonnell reprimands me for criticizing him, then he turns around and attacks Dr. Trombetta.

If Dr. Trombetta has done something wrong, then he should be punished. I believe that the Beaver County Prosecutor’s office is quite capable of pursuing this by itself. You don’t need to conduct a trial in the press.

The start of his other response, Mr. Bonnell states I do not know what I am talking about and attacks Dr. Trombetta the same as above. In that article I was making comments about what Mr. Bonnell said before the Ohio Senate which appeared in the The Review.

The fact remains that BOSS has a zero on the State Report Card, the lowest score in the State of Ohio. East Liverpool School District currently has an 8 on the State Report Card.

You are correct that BOSS has a 0 on the report. You do not mention that the time for making a switch from ELSD to BOSS involves a delay which would hurt their test scores. My child is scoring below 400 on the math. The day the report came back, BOSS called us to set up tutoring for my child.

You are incorrect that your district received a 8 according to the ODE high school report 2006 which is available to the public, ELHS has a 6 out of 12.

If you would like to obtain all the facts of my testimony before the Ohio Senate on June 6, 2007, please contact Sentor John Carey’s Office in Columbus, Ohio and request, under the public records act, the complete and factual documentation supporting my testimony which is contained in a two inch binder.

As I said before, I’m basing my comments on your public statements carried in The Review. I don’t think that I would like to read two inches what I believe would be your apparent obsession over Dr. Trombetta.

As to my connections to BOSS, my child goes there. I am a graduate of ELHS my four years there I refer to as being in survival mode. The lack of concern of me as a person and non-nurturing environment was appaling. I had one teacher who compared me to a slow moving animal. When I asked them if they had it in for me replied, “as long as I don’t say, I’m going to get you I’m safe.” and another teacher who’s tone reminded me of the teacher in the pink floyd yelling “Wrong, do it again”. The only teacher I thought was encouraging me to grow was David Miller III, the now deceased Band Director. So, when it came time for my child to enter ELSD, I voted with my feet. I moved to another district in the County. When that district didn’t meet the needs of my child, My wife and I put our child in BOSS.

Dr. Trombetta infiltratd our district by obtaining our school records and meeting with our principals without Board authorization for ten consecutive weeks and then illegally paying each of those principals a $500 stipend/honorarium.

Again if he has done something illegal, involve in this case the Columbiana County prosecutors office.

BOSS has 182 of our students…The neighboring school district of Beaver Local has exactly the same enrollment as East Liverpool (2240 students). Beaver Local currently has only 59 students attending BOSS.

Which is odd, Beaver Local has a raiting of 3 out of 12. I have a friend that moved his child to BLSD because of the atmosphere at the ELSD. How many students has ELSD lost to BLSD though open enrollment?

One year later, BOSS has 182 of our students which is a loss of over $1.3 million from our district.

What makes you think its YOUR money? The Citizens of Ohio have education choice. That forces you to change.

Do you not want the citizens of Ohio to want the best Education for their children? I think that the people of Ohio tried to work through their boards of education to no success and then decided to seek relief from the legislature.

The law as far as Ohio is concerned is if they don’t attend your school, you don’t get the money. Your district now has to live like the rest of us. If we cant pay a bill, we have to cut back. You had to do that with the RIF, it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t pretty but you did it.

As for the contract with Midland, it appears there is a obvious conflict in the contract. On one hand the ELSD agreed to be paid on a per-pupil basis. Which would mean you would be paid only for those who attend. And you state that ELSD should be paid for ALL students whether they attend or not. Sounds like a job for the lawyers.

I ask is more money the answer to improve the ELSD? if it was Cleveland, Youngstown, Columbus, and Cincinnati would have the best schools in the state.

Teaching and nurturing the children should be your first goal. you do that and they will come back and you might get more from other districts.

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