Reason #18 that Liberalism is a Mental Illness

11 07 2007

They want to kill those who would save there miserable necks.

An airman from McGuire Air Force Base was in critical condition after being shot by another man who then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide, officials said.

Schrieken had walked out of his house to get something out of his car when a man approached and shot him once in the chest with a small-caliber handgun and then turned the gun on himself, said First Assistant Prosecutor Raymond Milavsky of Burlington County, N.J.

Investigators have no clear-cut motive for Schrieken’s shooting, despite two suicide notes left behind by the gunman

The moonbat, now dead from his own hand, left two suicide notes saying that he hated the military and wanted to make a statement on a holiday. but the MSM doesn’t want to talk about that.

They have no evidence that Schrieken knew his assailant, police said.

No he was a guy in uniform, more of a man than the moonbat would ever be.

The victim, a fellow buckeye, is recovering. Of course your hearing this here instead of from Katie Curic because they don’t want the bad press from a moonbat shooting servicemen.

The View From Out Here




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