Dennis, Dennis, Dennis…

12 07 2007

I came across this on The Plain Dealer web site. I wish to forewarn you that the stupidity shown by the mentioned representative is shocking to sane voters and can be fixed by voting for someone who understands how the real world works.

Dennis Kucinich, the colorful Cleveland congressman and longshot presidential candidate, has outraged Jewish leaders in Northeast Ohio by insisting that Iran’s anti-Zionist leader is not seeking to exterminate Israel.

This is a surprise to me, Ahmadinejad has been real plain about what he says.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is regarded by many in the western world as a menace with nuclear ambitions, who recently called for supporters of Israel to, among other things, “burn in the fire of the Islamic nations’ fury.” Kucinich, however, says another translation of that and other statements is that Ahmadinejad merely wants regime change in Israel, not death to its people and supporters.

Wait, sound this out with me.

Regime Change… Burn in the Fire of the islamic nations fury? Funny, it doesn’t sound anything alike to me.

Kucinich’s position puts him in a slim minority in Congress – two, if you count Kucinich.

The sad thing is that they are both running for president. Ron Paul being the other genius.

They were the only House members to vote against a June 20 resolution condemning the Iranian leader and asking the U.N. Security Council to take up charges alleging violations of genocide conventions. Cleveland Democratic Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Lake County Republican Steve LaTourette were among the measure’s 103 co-sponsors.

A June 28 letter to Kucinich from Harley Gross, chairman of the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland, and Stephen Hoffman, the federation president, called Kucinich’s interpretation of Ahmadinejad’s statements “both tortured and a clear indication of either a lack of understanding of Israel’s enemies on your part or, and we hope that this is not the case, an antipathy toward Israel.”

I think its him just being stupid.

“Unfortunately, it goes beyond naive,” Alan Melamed, president of the Cleveland chapter of the American Jewish Committee, said in a phone interview Wednesday.

Dennis then tries a CYA move.

Kucinich sent a letter on Wednesday seeking to defend his actions, saying that, whatever the translation, he finds Ahmadinejad’s statements “objectionable and outrageous.” The letter to Hoffman and Gross asserted Kucinich’s “full support for the people of Israel.”

Then why did you say what you did in the first place? Nice try, no cigar.

Yet he said that he could not back the House resolution because it carried only worst-case translations and he regarded it as an attempt to beat “the war drum to build support for a U.S. attack on Iran.”

Oh the truth will out. You think us warning that Iran wants to destroy the only friend we have in the middle east, you are going to go all peace dove on us. Don’t forget that Ahmadinejad has ran his mouth on us as infidels! Youre a peace at any cost kind of guy, right? beware of what you wish for.

Hey Dennis, when Cleveland is a smoking crater, I’ll remember to call you to fill in the hole.

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12 07 2007

Please take a basic course in Arabic or Farsi so you can understand when intentional mistranslations are made by the U.S. state department.

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