Dems are debating stupid things to hide what matters

16 07 2007

The Democrats are going to do an all night session Tuesday evening, so they can justify abandoning Iraq. What matters on Tuesday is the Senate Judiciary committee is holding a meeting to examine the persecution, did I say that out loud, I mean prosecution of boarder agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Campean.

I wrote before about these fine men Here. I have emailed all my friends and told them about the travesty these men have suffered at the hands of unjust prosecutors. I have now learned that Mexico put pressure on our government to start the procedings against Ramos and Campean. Since when does Mexico tell our DOJ what to do? In the article it proves that there was no DHS or DOJ investigation until the complaint of the Mexican government.

The Inspector Generals office of Homeland Security admitted that they had lied to Congress about these two agents so that congress would back off. While this stonewalling had been going on these agents were denied the chance to stay free during their appeals and had to report to prison immediately. Instead of following DOJ guidelines they were incarcerated outside of their home state of Texas, One in Louisiana and the other in Ohio, making contact with their familys about impossible.

So I ask you to use the power that we Americans have gained from the Shamnisty debate and call or email the president to grant a total pardon to these two fine Americans, who were doing their job! and you congress members and tell them to investigate the DHS Inspector Generals office and the US Attorney Johnny Sutton. The man who railroaded these two agents on the word of a drug dealer who had $1 Million dollars of marijuana on him when the agents confronted him at the boarder. US Attorney Sutton gave him Immunity for that and another million dollar load he brought across before he could testify. Did you hear me?

US Attorney Johnny Sutton allowed 1 Million dollars in pot onto US streets and almost let another 1 Million in pot loose on America to get a couple of boarder agents because they were doing their job.

This shows that the Democrats and liberals just want to do a smoke and mirrors bit to keep your minds off what really matters like your safety.

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22 07 2007

A position of power, such as border patrol agent, does not exempt one from the laws of this country. If anything, our public officials should be held to a higher standard. One very important fact: these men were tried, by a jury, and found guilty. Should we just do away with jury trials in this country and let popular vote decide who is innocent and who is guilty?

3 05 2011

Good to see a teanlt at work. I can’t match that.

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