CAIR once again tries to claim they are the judge of American Society

18 07 2007

CAIR is once again trying to be the judge of religious bigotry in the US. I found this at American Pundit. It accuses Bush of being Islamophobic. Pardon me for a moment.


I think any one can see President bush has bent over backwards to be tolerant to the point of absurdity.

CAIR which is a un-indited co-conspirator in a terror fund raising scam. And they wanted to be taken seriously? I think my sense of humor is under control now.

hee… Sorry, This is normally a serious place unless I feel that you are able to see through the BS. and this is just a case of that.

They, CAIR, have been apologists for any Islamo-facist group that will put up the money for them to be their mouthpiece. They will say terror is wrong to Fox News but away from a camera they love Hamas and Al-quida. And I think that you will see that they are irrelevant.

The View From Out Here




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