Senators wont admit the good that is going on in Iraq

18 07 2007

I ran across this today and after having to endure the all night session in the senate. Lt. Gen. Graeme Lamb of the British Army and deputy commander of Multinational Force- Iraq. He stated that,

These are ordinary people (US soldiers) who are doing quite extraordinary things across the coalition. Most of them are Americans. And for America, you should be enormously proud of what I see your Marines, you Air Force, your Navy, your Army and the civilians who are in the fight out here, as to what they do, and gladly.

This is more credit than our “leaders'” in the Senate are willing to give. With a publicity stunt vote, that failed. a waste of our taxpayers money. They think they are making a point but are showing how foolish they are.

The surge — again, it only came to full power, all 20 BCTs, the 15th of last month. The offensive which followed, therefore, that buildup in time and placement, has now only been going for slightly less than a calendar month. I see progress. I see progress in Diyala and Salahuddin, Nineveh. I see progress in Baghdad, out west and down south.

Is there a ways to go? Yes. The surge has allowed General Petraeus, General Odierno, the Corps to go to places where they have not been before, and you’ve heard that from the ground commanders, and they speak far more eloquently than I can on what that means. It has made a significant difference to our ability to close with the enemy and then pursue him, to be able to in fact take the initiative, which as soldiers we understand is important in the pursuit of this campaign.

Now pay attention to this.

So one month in. There’s two months yet to run before the September honest assessment by Ambassador Crocker and General Petraeus as to how they see the situation, and then a ways beyond that.

So within the first calendar month, good progress, steady momentum, hard fighting, going places where they haven’t been before, I see unequivocally — unequivocally — that this surge is making a difference

Versus the fear of the surge working, which is making Democrats start their shrill calls of “Get out now!” with no concern of what that would do to our safety. Success will make Bush look good. A lot of people have commented on Bush Derangement Syndrome. which I think this is a great example of.

More now on the mood in DC versus the mood in Iraq. It came from the surrender freaks at CNN. No doubt you’re aware of the growing disillusionment with the war back here in Washington,(Oh, you mean because we at CNN keep believing that America sucks) the growing sentiment (that we have been whipping up) in our Congress to bring U.S. troops home sooner. (because we want to loose) And I’m wondering if you could just give us an idea of how that’s affecting the mood over there. (because we want to screw with soldiers minds also.) – note parenthetical comments are mine.

They see — which is seldom reported — you know,(because the MSM hates good news in Iraq) They see water going to people who didn’t have it before. They see electricity coming on line. They see stability to the networks. They see all the stuff that no one really portrays. They also see the bombs. Occasionally they see the progress they’re making. And what they find, I think — just a touch difficult — is, while it’s so clear to them that we’re making progress, it’s not reflected by those who are not in the fight but are sitting back and making judgment upon what they can see with absolute clarity.

He went on to talk about the complexity of the situation being like “Playing three dimensional chess in a dark room wile someone fires a gun at you” I’m beginning to think that the gun shoots are coming from our politicians.

The View From Out Here




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