An Idea for winning America

25 07 2007

I believe that the government should be owned by the people, not by the politicians or the big money contributors. I have put together a list of common sense ideas that not only benefit America, but put the power in the peoples hands. Most of these ideas are geared for federal office but this would also go to your state legislature.

DONATIONS: We will accept donations to our campaigns from registered voters in our districts only. This proves that we will represent the voters in our district. We will only accept personal checks; this creates a “hard” accounting trail. We will not accept any money directly from a business; if the owner wants to donate they may but only by a personal check.

One of the biggest complaints people have about government is that their representatives are disconnected from them. Why? Money, it takes money to run for office. So, in the perception of the voter, the representative is going to please the money givers instead of the voters. We are going to make them one in the same. This is an offer of good faith from us to the voter. If you are not registered to vote how can you expect to have a voice? If you have a job, you have to answer to your boss and do what they say or you are fired. We intend to make the voter the boss again.

We want to show total openness in our donation collections. We will only accept personal checks for donations. We will have on hand at our individual offices a list of registered voters for our districts. Any donations we receive will be compared to that. Anyone not on the list will have their check returned. This will allow for copies or scanned images of the checks for accounting and election officials.

We want strong vibrant businesses in this country. But as stated we want to represent the people of our country. Any donation received by a business will be returned, with a letter telling them how to make a donation to the campaign.

ENDORSEMENTS: We gladly will accept any endorsement from any Civic Association, Union or PAC. But we will not accept any money from them.

We are doing this so the voters will be confident in the fact we represent them. If your group likes what we are doing, endorse us. Go ahead and send the candidate the letter and they will put it on their website. We will not accept a donation from your group. This will be done so that we don’t owe your group a “favor” that will make a law that is bad for the voters. This doesn’t leave you voiceless; you have all the legal ways to express yourselves, TV, radio and print advertisements. Encourage your members that are registered voters to donate to the campaigns that they are eligible to vote for.

TAXES: The current tax system is blatantly unfair to all citizens. We will institute a fair and equitable tax plan. Whether a flat income tax (I believe is the least preferable solution), a fair sales tax only (better), or return to the constitution and fund the government by Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises. (best, taxes on the goods coming into the country, all internal trade would be free)

FISCAL RESTRAINT: If we don’t have enough money thru taxes we can’t afford it. That is plain enough. The government must live the way we expect citizens to live.

ENERGY: We must be 100% self sufficient our national energy needs must NEVER be met by another country. We must produce our own energy needs thru the open market. We will allow anyone who wishes to take the risk to find the energy to meet our needs. We will allow oil exploration in any location in the USA from Alaska thru the lower 48 into the Gulf of Mexico. We applaud renewable fuels and US coal gasification. If carbon free energy, like solar, wind, geothermal, wave or nuclear, is cheaper then it will be adopted.

PROPERTY RIGHTS: If a person owns a piece of land then they may do with it, other than Local building, safety and pollution codes, as they see fit.

EMINENT DOMAIN: We believe that private property will only be taken with JUST compensation for uses of the public interest only. Property will NOT be allowed to be taken to increase a local tax base.

THE LAW: The Constitution means what it says. We will not pass a law that violates the Constitution. We will not pass a law giving citizens rights that are not listed in the Constitution. Our members that are in the Senate will not vote to confirm a Judge to any federal court that does not adhere to this standard. Our members that are in the congress will bring articles of impeachment against Judges who legislate from the bench. We will do the same for Judges who overturn an initiative from the people of a state that doesn’t directly contradict the Constitution.

IMMIGRATION: Immigration is what made our country great. Our parents and grandparents, and other forefathers came here, worked hard for us and became Americans. Sadly, we believe that our system is currently overloaded. First we must secure our boarders. Then sort out who should and should not be here. Illegal immigrants will be sent back to their country of origin there they may apply for entrance Visas. But everyone who was legally in line first will be taken care of. This is only fair because bad behavior can not be rewarded for America to work. Any one who comes here must learn our language. All government business from documents to voting will be in English only.

AMERICAN LABOR: The American worker is the backbone of our country we will prevent the dissolution of the middle class by stopping the exportation of manufacturing and service jobs overseas. If a company eliminates jobs for higher profits, how can the unemployed or underpaid buy their goods? To the workers, in turn, you must work hard for your pay. If you hold a government job, you must be able to do your job. It’s not yours for life.

TRADE: Free trade as currently practiced is a joke. We have suffered the foreign subsidized elimination of many industries. We will introduce legislation to remove the United States of America from both the GATT and NAFTA. And we will pass appropriate tariffs to preserve our industries.

LOBBYING: We will eliminate the revolving door into lobbying firms by passing a law that prohibits ANY former Congressman or Federal employee from ever working as a lobbyist. Also we will pass a law that prevents American Citizens from representing a foreign government.

MILITARY: We believe that soldiers are our heroes must be paid as such. It’s an embarrassment that some soldiers are getting food stamps. We will increase the number of combat ready soldiers thru higher pay and training. We will also discuss moving all support services (supplies, food, Transport) into its own Branch to serve the others better.

BUSINESS FRAUD: If you are a corporate officer and your company is perpetrating a fraud on consumers or shareholders. If you’re convicted, all of your personal assets will be seized and sold to repay those affected.

EDUCATION: A child’s education is best handled at the state and preferably local level. A community of voters is the best judge of how a child should learn. We are wasting tax payer’s money creating a third layer of regulation over how a teacher teaches in a class room. Citizens must be responsible to elect people that will oversee their children’s education. Parents must have choice in their children’s education. We welcome full and open competition for the best education for their children.

PENSIONS AND SOCIAL SECURITY: Each person needs to try to be responsible for them self. If your employer offers you a pension, that’s a great start. You should put something aside also. Note to businesses: if you agree in a contract to pay a pension and then stop, see business fraud above. Social security was a pension supplement. It is not intended for you to live on. We will pass a personal retirement savings account that all persons will be in charge of. At retirement it will pay monthly benefits until death and you will designate an heir to receive it. Persons over 50 when this starts will be paid the normal social security rate. Any one from 25 to 49 at the start of this when they reach retirement age the government will make up the difference if any to what persons earn now plus cost of living adjustments. Less than 25 will understand that they need to be responsible for them self.




One response

25 07 2007

Good stuff! Re: TAXES – First, a few excerpts . . .

–(Fair Use from)–

Where is the outrage over sky-high taxes, regulatory costs?
by Steve Higgins
7/15/07 – New Haven (CT) Register

“Reports last week from two nonprofit groups should serve as a wake-up call to Americans to start agitating for tax reform . . .

“On Monday, the Competitive Enterprise Institute reported that the cost to consumers of complying with federal regulations exceeded $1 trillion in 2006 . . . almost 10 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. It’s nearly half the amount of government spending.

“Even more worrisome, the cost of complying with these multitudinous regulations exceeds the amount of individual income tax paid in 2006, about $998 billion, as well as corporate incomes taxes of $277 billion.

“According to the Washington, DC-based advocacy group [ Americans for Tax Reform ], the average American had to work through July 11 this year just to pay all federal, state and local taxes, as well as regulatory costs including workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits.

“Congress should take one of two paths: Either cut tax rates and government spending drastically, or adopt the FairTax, an innovative proposal that would involve abolishing the Internal Revenue Service and its income tax and replacing it with a simple national sales tax.”

–(End excerpts)–

. . . The U.S. income tax system and the U.S. economy are inter-related, and are in DIRE trouble. If we, the citizens of these United States, do not act aggressively to spread the FairTax plan with family, friends and associates – our “nest eggs” stand to be devastated through a coming economic meltdown (Summary with podcast: “Laurence J. Kotlikoff (*) on Long-Term Fiscal Problems in the U.S.”).

Politicians are putting demogoguery and pandering above responsible governing – and they’re able to do it because Americans do NOT understand – at the “get go” – politicians’ / bankers’ hunger for ever-increasing shares of the working person’s bi-weekly paycheck; Americans do NOT understand the totality of taxes they pay. The FairTax shines the “light of day” on this, putting citizens back in charge to forcefully demand spending reductons.

YOU AND I MUST ACT to mobilize public opinion, and get the FairTax enacted, because the signs point to a probable devaluation of the dollar (reissuance of an “Amero” ? – under a U.S.-sovereignty-busting North American Union?).

[ NOTE: Does this help clarify your understanding of what’s going on globally? a) Bush’s persistence on rewarding illegal immigration? b) the North American Highway now under construction in Texas (to stream cheap labor into the covertly-planned North American Union marketplace designed to compete with 21st-century China market? c) the gradual increase in value of the Chinese yuan by China corresponding to China’s economic growth? (This will result in the dumping of dollar-denominated debt as its manufacturing economy grows stronger – which guarantees devaluing and ushering-in of the Amero.) ]

Keep in mind, this NAU strategy – supported by the “super-rich” (member-owners of the Fed) – together with their politician buddies who want NOTHING to do with FairTax – runs contrary to simply making the U.S. a “tax free zone” for business under the FairTax. Politicians and bankers lose power when the U.S. is returned to a “savings-driven economy” from a “debt/interest-driven” economy).

Powerful “elites,” members of political and monied-interest “clubs” reaching into the halls of power in Washington, depend on keeping you and me uninformed of their plans. It is up to YOU and ME to ACT – and not live in a state of denial – based on what we now know is clearly happening to our financial futures.

After you consult the Kotlikoff interview (above):

• (If you’re a member of your State FairTax organization) Contact your state or local FairTax Director to learn what you can do.

• (If you’re just learning about the FairTax bill) Join here: Scrap The CODE, NOW !

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