Reason #24 that Liberalism is a Mental Illness

25 07 2007

The idea that you will not consume something until there is enough tax on it to cover the “Carbon footprint” of delivering it.

How do I start this? Do I mention that the jury is still undecided on global warming no matter what mhigh priest gore and the disciples of enviro-socialism say.

It is funny that Mrs. Edwards thinks that taxing tangerines will improve life in the USA. Oh right, we the people need punished because we are too successful. we consume and don’t pay enough. I think this is becoming a mantra, Liberalism is a mental illness. yes, i said it.

The View From Out Here




One response

15 06 2008

I agree with you though my examples would be the inconsistencies and tragic unintended consequences they ignore in their own “policies”, lib failures to apprehend that liberal pgrams make people poor, dependent, stupid, and worse off then they were before they became lib customers, and that though libs have been in office for long periods of time when they have had the votes to “fix” all of the problems they prattle about all the time, they never bother fix anything while they’re in power, probably because if they did they’d have nothing to accuse the next conversative winner of failing to fix.

Libs see other people as stupid and unable to cope, when in fact when libs get out of the way, or are pushed out of the way by voters, most folks cope very well and those who can’t make it on their get help from generous volunteers. Even people who refuse to purchase health insurance though it is available to them and their children can walk into any hospital in the US and get treatment that is paid for by US taxpayers (that is, tax dollars stolen from the paychecks of working Americans). Just because everyone does not earn the same number of dollars or have exactly the same type of house and car does not mean that something’s wrong in America. It only means that everyone has different abilities and different ideas about commitment to work — which is part of what democracy is about.

But the question is do you think there’s a cure for this particular disorder?

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