John Warner, Publicity Prostitute

27 08 2007

Well in my last post, I talked about politicians who would who would whore them selfs and this country for gaining votes. Enter Sen. John Warner – R?, Stage left.

I’m sure you all know that he called for the president to bring home 5,000 troops for Christmas. He now thinks he is in a no lose situation. He looks like a darling to the Libs so he can do good in Virginia, because all the liberals made a paradise in D.C. and they had leave because its not fit for human life? He called for only 5,000 troops a small amount so the right cant call him too much of a traitor. If the president doesn’t then he can say “I stood up to Bush” If Bush does recall some he can say “Bush listened to me” a great position, right?

What if John Warner knew that the president was going to bring home 5,000 troops from an area that the Iraqi security forces have taken over in. remember “as they(Iraq) stand up we will stand down”? An area in Iraq that doesn’t need US troops anymore? So Bush has a meeting and tells some moderate republicans his plan.

What would you do? Would you tell the president ‘good job’ and wait for the announcement? Or, would you go to the liberal MSM and stab the President in the back?

Sen. John Warner buried it to the hilt.

This is according to Monday Morning’s The Quinn and Rose show, the host Jim Quinn told of information he got from a confidential source he calls “Deep Throat Jr.” Sen. Warner knew that President Bush was going to bring 5,000 troops home at the end of October.

John Warner aparently decided that he needed the good press more than America did. So he ran to the people who hate Bush and said “Look at me, I hate Bush too. I am going to call for surrender and Bush will listen to me because I am a publicity prostitute from the same party as him!” and the MSM tries to make John Warner a hero of the masses.

Idiots, Fools and America Haters.

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Mike Huckabee, let me fix your statement.

25 08 2007

You said Friday that your party lost in the 2006 elections was because they didn’t act like republicans. I suggest that you change that to they didn’t act like conservatives. As a conservative, I think that the active use of the title republican means “I’m out to make the most money for me and my buddies and screw the rest of you!”

You said that,

We didn’t fight corruption like we should

No kidding, here in Ohio, Bob Taft and Bob Ney were the poster children of corruption. It was enough to get Ted Strickland elected governor. Thank you, Bob and Bob for ruining a great state.

we didn’t curtail spending

You’re right on this one also. The republicans spent billions on stupid projects like it was their money instead of the Peoples. Every one of them wallowed in the mud to suck the nipples of the pork barrel. We are sick of it.

we didn’t resolve problems

You continued to let the border be open; you didn’t stop other countries from destroying our industry and driving down our wages. We were mad that it took Democrats to raise the alarm in congress that the government was going to allow our ports to be run by not so friendly country. Why did republicans not speak up? Simple, because there was money to be made! Republicans stood around with your hands in your pockets as Terri Schiavo was murdered.

Yes, Mr Huckabee America was and still is furious with the empty suits of the GOP. Untill the party gets it through their thick skulls that we want Conservitives to lead us, instead of Republicans that willingly whore themeselfs and their country for a buck, the party will continue to lose.

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How to make primaries fair, for everyone

24 08 2007

With the states jockeying to be relevant in the 2008 presidential election, I have a great idea. Let’s slow down and have a real horse race. I have a system that will make the candidates spend time and money in each state. It will make them come to the people instead of watching a few states try to out do each other in a game of who goes first.

Now to the plan, it’s so simple. Let Iowa and New Hampshire go first, because of their historical value, then have 6 more ‘super’ primaries, staring 3 weeks after NH then every 3 weeks after another that. Each primary day will have 8 states in it, starting with the states with the smallest amount of delegates or electoral collage seats. Three weeks later the next 8 states with the least will vote. And so on.

I think it will force the candidates to think long term and not penalize them for a bad showing in Iowa and New Hampshire. The nomination could not be possibly won until the fifth or sixth primary day as the big states will go last. It would put our potential leaders on display for all of us to look at. They will have to go compete in all states not just cherry pick them. If you were to skip the first two super Tuesdays then you would lose the momentum, which is deadly in politics.

If you think this is a great idea, send it to the state chairs and tell them that you want a common sense approach to nominating a president.

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Al-qaeda’s jihad against Iraqi muslims continued Thursday

24 08 2007

Al-qaeda’s jihad against Iraqi muslims continued Thursday, in two towns. First they raided the sunni village of Ibrahim al-Yahya, began when about 25 gunmen exploded a bomb at the house of Sheik Younis al-Shimari, destroying his home and killing him and one member of his family. It’s reported they were shouting ‘allah akbar and a curse be upon the renegades.’ Al-Shimari and his village apparently came under attack after he called on the men there to rise up against al-Qaida. Another report talks about gunmen going into a mosque, dragging an imam and three worshipers out into the street and killing them.

The other town, Sheikh Tamim, was chosen because it is a Shiite village and as al-qaeda is a whack job bunch that hates other muslim that are not as ‘pure’ as they are, was a terror target to drive the country into further instability.

Why do the Iraqis put up with this? The reports talk about women killed in the fighting. As far as I understand it its illegal in islam for women to be killed, during a raid. They need to throw out, or eliminate these vermin. I hope that this day will be remembered as the day Iraq wakes up and starts throwing off the chains of their al-qaeda oppressors.

These terrorist are using their religion as a cover for what they really want, power. They want the power to kill and destroy the lives of those under them. If they will do these things to those of the same religion as them then what do you think they would do to us?

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Hezbollah spin machine finds another gear

24 08 2007

Last summer after proving that they can’t fight like civilized human beings, much less under the rules given to them by Muhammad, Hezbollah needed to show off. So they opened “Spider’s Web” a museum glorifying themselves in a “divine victory” over Israel and the US.

The museum has a collection of war souvenirs which Hezbollah got after coming out of hiding from behind the women and children of Lebanon. They have helmets, boots, ammo, and armored vehicles, which were destroyed because of the help of Syria’s and Iran’s anti tank missiles. They also have a collection of posters with US and Israeli leaders and their quotes as a way of mocking them.

Hezbollah needs to do this because they want everyone to forget about the 1,191 Lebanese civilians they killed. What, you say Israel killed them. Israel pulled the trigger, but Hezbollah loaded the gun, handed it to them, and then smacked Israel upside the head with a 2 by 4 and then jumped out of the way when the bullets flied. Or should I say jumped behind the women and children.

Hezbollah hid their launchers in apartment buildings. Trapping the residents inside till Israel bombed the site and then dragged their willing cohorts, the prostitutes of their mind and ethics, the Liberal media to show the dead as “victims” of Israel. You could literally hear the liberal, mentally ill editors of the MSM lapping up this bunch of terrorist BS.

So, they manage to kill 1,191 Lebanese civilians and they are supposed to be the heroes of the Palestinian cause? But we all know as long as they are trying to kill Jews, Lebanon will put up with their crap. Do you want proof? Lebanon has not followed thru with the UN Resolution 1701 to disarm Hezbollah.

I think that the name “spider’s web” is so fitting. In the English language, it presents an image of the lies and deceptions that the islamofacists want the world to believe.

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Seattle newspaper puts head in the sand.

21 08 2007

Or reason # 29 that Liberalism is a mental illness. From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

FBI seeks help identifying 2 men seen aboard ferries

‘Unusual behavior’ cited, but no hint of terrorism

Read on as you will see that “Unusual Behavior” makes normal people think terrorism.

The FBI is asking the public for help in identifying two men who were seen behaving unusually aboard several Washington state ferries.

About four weeks ago, the FBI fielded several reports from passengers and ferry workers about the men, who seemed “overly interested in the workings and layouts of the ferries,” Special Agent Robbie Burroughs said Monday.

The FBI also publicized photos of the men, which were taken by a ferry employee, Burroughs said.

Ok, it sounds scary right? so lets see the picture so we can help the FBI

The Seattle P-I is not publishing the photos because neither man is considered a suspect nor has either been charged with a crime.

What? If we don’t know what they look like then how can we identify them?

If you think they are just tourists, did you ever, on vacation, take pictures of a restricted area on a boat and tried to measure the size of the boat.

The P-I protecting the Potential terrorists that common sense says we should check.

Traitorous journalists.

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Let me call you a Whaaambulance!

20 08 2007

Well viewers, things are not going well at the Holy Land Foundation trial. Ghassan Elashi, the Holy Land Foundation’s former board chairman, shouted in frustration as the courtroom was clearing for a mid-morning break. ‘This trial is an extension of a Zionist conspiracy’ I think that Mr. Elashi is afraid that he is going to be convicted. I Think I’ll call him a Whaaambulance.

What does this guy think just because he says zionist conspiracy that he will be left off, Where does he think he is? Gaza? That might work there but welcome to America. A jury will hear the evidence and find you guilty or not. No sympathy for your religion.

To say the least, the judge, he ain’t happy.

I just need to tell Mr. Elashi, and what I’m saying to him applies to all the defendants, we can’t have outbursts like that that will disrupt the trial.

Mr. Elashi and the other Holy Land supporters have been frustrated throughout the trial with Judge Fish’s repeated decisions to allow jurors to see government evidence that they perceive as irrelevant, too old or misleading. “The jury has been allowed to watch the government’s inflammatory videos” showing militant Hamas rallies found at the Palestinian charity committees.

Wait a second, isn’t supporting terrorism what this trial is about?


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