Let me call you a Whaaambulance!

20 08 2007

Well viewers, things are not going well at the Holy Land Foundation trial. Ghassan Elashi, the Holy Land Foundation’s former board chairman, shouted in frustration as the courtroom was clearing for a mid-morning break. ‘This trial is an extension of a Zionist conspiracy’ I think that Mr. Elashi is afraid that he is going to be convicted. I Think I’ll call him a Whaaambulance.

What does this guy think just because he says zionist conspiracy that he will be left off, Where does he think he is? Gaza? That might work there but welcome to America. A jury will hear the evidence and find you guilty or not. No sympathy for your religion.

To say the least, the judge, he ain’t happy.

I just need to tell Mr. Elashi, and what I’m saying to him applies to all the defendants, we can’t have outbursts like that that will disrupt the trial.

Mr. Elashi and the other Holy Land supporters have been frustrated throughout the trial with Judge Fish’s repeated decisions to allow jurors to see government evidence that they perceive as irrelevant, too old or misleading. “The jury has been allowed to watch the government’s inflammatory videos” showing militant Hamas rallies found at the Palestinian charity committees.

Wait a second, isn’t supporting terrorism what this trial is about?


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