Seattle newspaper puts head in the sand.

21 08 2007

Or reason # 29 that Liberalism is a mental illness. From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

FBI seeks help identifying 2 men seen aboard ferries

‘Unusual behavior’ cited, but no hint of terrorism

Read on as you will see that “Unusual Behavior” makes normal people think terrorism.

The FBI is asking the public for help in identifying two men who were seen behaving unusually aboard several Washington state ferries.

About four weeks ago, the FBI fielded several reports from passengers and ferry workers about the men, who seemed “overly interested in the workings and layouts of the ferries,” Special Agent Robbie Burroughs said Monday.

The FBI also publicized photos of the men, which were taken by a ferry employee, Burroughs said.

Ok, it sounds scary right? so lets see the picture so we can help the FBI

The Seattle P-I is not publishing the photos because neither man is considered a suspect nor has either been charged with a crime.

What? If we don’t know what they look like then how can we identify them?

If you think they are just tourists, did you ever, on vacation, take pictures of a restricted area on a boat and tried to measure the size of the boat.

The P-I protecting the Potential terrorists that common sense says we should check.

Traitorous journalists.

The View From Out Here




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21 08 2007

boy they didn’t like this at buried in less than a minute.

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