Al-qaeda’s jihad against Iraqi muslims continued Thursday

24 08 2007

Al-qaeda’s jihad against Iraqi muslims continued Thursday, in two towns. First they raided the sunni village of Ibrahim al-Yahya, began when about 25 gunmen exploded a bomb at the house of Sheik Younis al-Shimari, destroying his home and killing him and one member of his family. It’s reported they were shouting ‘allah akbar and a curse be upon the renegades.’ Al-Shimari and his village apparently came under attack after he called on the men there to rise up against al-Qaida. Another report talks about gunmen going into a mosque, dragging an imam and three worshipers out into the street and killing them.

The other town, Sheikh Tamim, was chosen because it is a Shiite village and as al-qaeda is a whack job bunch that hates other muslim that are not as ‘pure’ as they are, was a terror target to drive the country into further instability.

Why do the Iraqis put up with this? The reports talk about women killed in the fighting. As far as I understand it its illegal in islam for women to be killed, during a raid. They need to throw out, or eliminate these vermin. I hope that this day will be remembered as the day Iraq wakes up and starts throwing off the chains of their al-qaeda oppressors.

These terrorist are using their religion as a cover for what they really want, power. They want the power to kill and destroy the lives of those under them. If they will do these things to those of the same religion as them then what do you think they would do to us?

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