Hezbollah spin machine finds another gear

24 08 2007

Last summer after proving that they can’t fight like civilized human beings, much less under the rules given to them by Muhammad, Hezbollah needed to show off. So they opened “Spider’s Web” a museum glorifying themselves in a “divine victory” over Israel and the US.

The museum has a collection of war souvenirs which Hezbollah got after coming out of hiding from behind the women and children of Lebanon. They have helmets, boots, ammo, and armored vehicles, which were destroyed because of the help of Syria’s and Iran’s anti tank missiles. They also have a collection of posters with US and Israeli leaders and their quotes as a way of mocking them.

Hezbollah needs to do this because they want everyone to forget about the 1,191 Lebanese civilians they killed. What, you say Israel killed them. Israel pulled the trigger, but Hezbollah loaded the gun, handed it to them, and then smacked Israel upside the head with a 2 by 4 and then jumped out of the way when the bullets flied. Or should I say jumped behind the women and children.

Hezbollah hid their launchers in apartment buildings. Trapping the residents inside till Israel bombed the site and then dragged their willing cohorts, the prostitutes of their mind and ethics, the Liberal media to show the dead as “victims” of Israel. You could literally hear the liberal, mentally ill editors of the MSM lapping up this bunch of terrorist BS.

So, they manage to kill 1,191 Lebanese civilians and they are supposed to be the heroes of the Palestinian cause? But we all know as long as they are trying to kill Jews, Lebanon will put up with their crap. Do you want proof? Lebanon has not followed thru with the UN Resolution 1701 to disarm Hezbollah.

I think that the name “spider’s web” is so fitting. In the English language, it presents an image of the lies and deceptions that the islamofacists want the world to believe.

The View From Out Here




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