How to make primaries fair, for everyone

24 08 2007

With the states jockeying to be relevant in the 2008 presidential election, I have a great idea. Let’s slow down and have a real horse race. I have a system that will make the candidates spend time and money in each state. It will make them come to the people instead of watching a few states try to out do each other in a game of who goes first.

Now to the plan, it’s so simple. Let Iowa and New Hampshire go first, because of their historical value, then have 6 more ‘super’ primaries, staring 3 weeks after NH then every 3 weeks after another that. Each primary day will have 8 states in it, starting with the states with the smallest amount of delegates or electoral collage seats. Three weeks later the next 8 states with the least will vote. And so on.

I think it will force the candidates to think long term and not penalize them for a bad showing in Iowa and New Hampshire. The nomination could not be possibly won until the fifth or sixth primary day as the big states will go last. It would put our potential leaders on display for all of us to look at. They will have to go compete in all states not just cherry pick them. If you were to skip the first two super Tuesdays then you would lose the momentum, which is deadly in politics.

If you think this is a great idea, send it to the state chairs and tell them that you want a common sense approach to nominating a president.

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