Mike Huckabee, let me fix your statement.

25 08 2007

You said Friday that your party lost in the 2006 elections was because they didn’t act like republicans. I suggest that you change that to they didn’t act like conservatives. As a conservative, I think that the active use of the title republican means “I’m out to make the most money for me and my buddies and screw the rest of you!”

You said that,

We didn’t fight corruption like we should

No kidding, here in Ohio, Bob Taft and Bob Ney were the poster children of corruption. It was enough to get Ted Strickland elected governor. Thank you, Bob and Bob for ruining a great state.

we didn’t curtail spending

You’re right on this one also. The republicans spent billions on stupid projects like it was their money instead of the Peoples. Every one of them wallowed in the mud to suck the nipples of the pork barrel. We are sick of it.

we didn’t resolve problems

You continued to let the border be open; you didn’t stop other countries from destroying our industry and driving down our wages. We were mad that it took Democrats to raise the alarm in congress that the government was going to allow our ports to be run by not so friendly country. Why did republicans not speak up? Simple, because there was money to be made! Republicans stood around with your hands in your pockets as Terri Schiavo was murdered.

Yes, Mr Huckabee America was and still is furious with the empty suits of the GOP. Untill the party gets it through their thick skulls that we want Conservitives to lead us, instead of Republicans that willingly whore themeselfs and their country for a buck, the party will continue to lose.

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25 08 2007
GM Roper

Amen, AMEN and AMEN!!!

27 08 2007
John Warner, Publicity Prostitute « The View From Out Here

[…] Warner, Publicity Prostitute 27 08 2007 Well in my last post, I talked about politicians who would who would whore them selfs and this country for gaining […]

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