John Warner, Publicity Prostitute

27 08 2007

Well in my last post, I talked about politicians who would who would whore them selfs and this country for gaining votes. Enter Sen. John Warner – R?, Stage left.

I’m sure you all know that he called for the president to bring home 5,000 troops for Christmas. He now thinks he is in a no lose situation. He looks like a darling to the Libs so he can do good in Virginia, because all the liberals made a paradise in D.C. and they had leave because its not fit for human life? He called for only 5,000 troops a small amount so the right cant call him too much of a traitor. If the president doesn’t then he can say “I stood up to Bush” If Bush does recall some he can say “Bush listened to me” a great position, right?

What if John Warner knew that the president was going to bring home 5,000 troops from an area that the Iraqi security forces have taken over in. remember “as they(Iraq) stand up we will stand down”? An area in Iraq that doesn’t need US troops anymore? So Bush has a meeting and tells some moderate republicans his plan.

What would you do? Would you tell the president ‘good job’ and wait for the announcement? Or, would you go to the liberal MSM and stab the President in the back?

Sen. John Warner buried it to the hilt.

This is according to Monday Morning’s The Quinn and Rose show, the host Jim Quinn told of information he got from a confidential source he calls “Deep Throat Jr.” Sen. Warner knew that President Bush was going to bring 5,000 troops home at the end of October.

John Warner aparently decided that he needed the good press more than America did. So he ran to the people who hate Bush and said “Look at me, I hate Bush too. I am going to call for surrender and Bush will listen to me because I am a publicity prostitute from the same party as him!” and the MSM tries to make John Warner a hero of the masses.

Idiots, Fools and America Haters.

The View From Out Here




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