American Hero, dead

14 09 2007

Miami-Dade Police Officer Jose Somohano, was brutally murdered Thursday afternoon. He leaves behind a wife and two children who will miss their daddy.

He was attacked by a creature, unworthy of the Human DNA his parents gave him, during a traffic stop. American hero Somohano, with 3 other officers were on burglary watch in the Cutler Bay area of southern Miami-Dade County when they stopped the murderer because he was driving a car erratically. The murderer got out in a Bulletproof vest and opened fire of the officers wounding all four. He then fled, The car used in the attack was found 5 miles away, with a AK-47 in it.

The car traced back to the murders girlfriend who gave police the wrong name, causing them to waste time chasing down an innocent man. Her attempt to save her boyfriends sorry excuse for a life should end her up in prison for life in a perfect world.

The murderer was found 30 miles from where he committed this heinous act, and he tried to do it again when he was discovered. He tried to shoot his way out of that situation when he had his birth certificate invalidated. I suspect that he didn’t realized that the cops were expecting him to put up a fight this time.

I feel bad for the shame that the murderers family will feel. They didn’t deserve a relative to act this way. The murderer gets nothing but my contempt.

I hope that the Miami community reaches out to the Somohano family and treats them as royalty in this their darkest hour. My prayers and sympathy’s to you.

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Most Ohioans have good sense when it comes to unfair imports

8 09 2007

From the Reviewonline

Most Ohio voters say they favor restrictions on imports, even if it means higher prices for consumer products, according to a poll released Wednesday.

Sure they would, since the job they would be saving is their own. Ohio has been devastated by cheap imports from countries that are exporting their unemployment to our shores.

‘‘The worker on the ground knows what’s going on,” said Peter Morici, a business professor at the University of Maryland and the former chief economist for the U.S. International Trade Commission. ‘‘The sentiment for more rational trade policy is higher in Indiana and Ohio where they are more impacted directly than in Manhattan where people are making money exporting American jobs.”

The business people in Manhattan are making money by turning our country into a crap hole, and as long as profits flow, they don’t care about the damage they are doing to their country.

People will point out how Wal-mart has helped lower income Americans. Fifteen years ago, wal-mart had low prices, while featuring American goods. They used to hang signs showing off how many American jobs they created. This was the time when Sam Walton died and the business shifted to the children who grew up with everything they needed, and they wanted more. They forced manufactures to lower prices and bought from the communist Chinese, something Sam never would have done. He was well known as an anti-communist. But pride in America meant nothing to his children, only the bottom line. So Wal-marts search for more money put Americans out of work and created a need for their low price goods. A vicious cycle they created indeed.

The problem with some of the people running as Republicans is that they are so up these businessmen’s butts that all they can talk about is “Free Trade.” Here let me fix that for you, “free profits for me and slavery for you peasants that buy my things trade.”

Let me make my case.

A spokesman for Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani said the former New York mayor would emphasize to Ohioans the benefits of free trade.

I hope he doesn’t come to my fair state to peddle that crap, because I’m not buying.

Making a profit is good, but at the price of enslaving your fellow citizens is something we as a nation can not put up with.

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More stench from the bench in Ohio

7 09 2007

Do you smell that? It’s the rotten smell from our Federal judge in Akron; Judge James S. Gwin says that the residency restriction passed by the Ohio legislature can’t be enforced on all sex offenders, just the ones convicted after the law took effect.

I thought that the government’s job was to keep its citizens safe. Now our children will be more easily become victims of perverts and molesters. No, he has to protect the rights of convicted felons to prey on our children.

Judge James S. Gwin has no constitutional basis for this decision. A similar ruling by a federal judge in Iowa was struck down by an appeals court in 2005. I guess he knows more about the constitution than those above him.

Why is he protecting those who have proven that they cannot function in our society?

The case was brought on behalf of Lane Mikaloff, 39, who served 16 years in prison for raping a woman in 1986. Mikaloff received an eviction notice in 2005 from the Summit County sheriff’s office because of his home’s proximity to a public school in Akron.

Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann argues the ruling doesn’t affect anyone but Mikaloff. ‘‘This ruling is based on the unique set of facts and circumstances presented to the Court by this plaintiff, and affects him alone,” Dann said in a statement. Marc Dann, a Democrat, apparently wasn’t in class at law school the day they taught law. I’m sure that it will effect Northern Ohio until it is appealed.

Another sex offender who was convicted in 1995 and 1999 in Cincinnati, who probably shouldn’t be out of prison, is going to be crying to the Ohio Supreme Court soon. I’m sure that his ACLU lawyer will be trying to shove this down the Judges throats. Why they, the ACLU, can get away with condoning behavior that threatens children is beyond me, they need a RICO investigation. You cannot use our freedoms to kill and hurt children and adults.

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County Health official tries to protect citizens, gets fired

6 09 2007

From Kender’s Musings a true story about Dr. Gene Rogers, Former Medical Director of Sacramento County’s Indigent Services program.

He was worried about the safety of the American citizens in his county, as he was seeing illegals come to the county clinic with five drug resistant TB, tropical diseases not seen here and leprosy. So he questioned why the illegals are getting free (using your tax dollars) non-emergency care, while citizens go without. Well the bureaucrats who want to be our masters, because they have a liberal arts degree and think that they know more than us poor citizens, fired him because he questioned their insanity, my bad their all knowing wisdom.

“I am concerned that you continue to focus on patients’ immigration status, which is outside your and [the] program’s purview.”

This is from a work review by a supervisor, apparently a moonbat who has no understanding of the concept of protecting the citizens of Sacramento county.

I could go on about the stupidity of this forever, but I’ll let Kender take it from here.

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A good idea from Europe?

2 09 2007

I ran across this piece of whining from Associated (with Terrorist) Press, and figured it would have something interesting in it. I was surprised that there is still common sense in Europe. Then I remembered that Switzerland is not in “new” EUrabia, otherwise known as the EU.

The article starts out with true Journalistic neutrality.

The campaign poster was blatant in its xenophobic symbolism

Or, maybe not. The article goes on to talk about the largest party in Switzerland trying to get enough signatures on a petition for a referendum to change the law to allow entire immigrant families to be expelled if their children are convicted of a violent crime, drug offenses or benefits fraud.

Wow, what a great Idea! Make parents responsible for their children’s bad behavior. I was told “you live in my house, you live under my rules.” I must have been ok with that, I didn’t move out till I got married.

The writer thinks that this is a bad idea because she mentions the Nazis twice, Stalinist Russia and the Cultural Revolution of China. All good images to scare the reader with, as the writer is trying to make you to be afraid of common sense. A country has the right to decide who can and can not live in it. A country also has the right to set the rules of behavior for its own citizens.

But the writer is oblivious to the point he just made. What do all three totalitarian regimes he mentioned have in common? They are all socialist! Three countries where the citizens either gave up their common sense, or were conquered by force, or had it stolen from them with promises of “we will take care of you from the cradle to the grave.” A sickening poison, socialism is indeed.

I wish we had someone brave enough to ask for common sense in our country!

The View From Out Here

Greedy business people are using government to kill another American industry

2 09 2007

On Thursday Sep. 6th will start the end of another American industry because of globalization. Which is also known as Capitalists saying “American workers make steal too much of my profits. I’ll pay the politicians to let me get foreigners peasants and make more money!” Trucking, which was a great way for a person to feed their family, will become the next victim of greed.

American workers are now going to be legally replaced by Mexicans, who are paid less than half of what their American counterparts get to haul goods across our country. Mexican trucks will be allowed to drive on American roads. Of course this is a “Test Program” which implies that it is not permanent, just like the income tax.

Now you might ask, who is pushing for this rape of the American trucker? Simple, the Trucking industry is. They want to save on the wages they pay, and keep the profits for themselves. Show me one example of using a cheaper labor source and passing 100 percent of the savings onto the customer. You can’t do it! Because it’s not about getting the consumer cheaper goods, it’s about making more for the owners of a company.

These owners have spent money to start trucking companies in Mexico to be part of the program. So once these trucks are across the boarder they can do any of the work that Joe Trucker is doing now. If an American truck company has a run from Pittsburgh to Chicago, the truck company owner can now say to Joe, “now that you’re competing globally, you will do this run for 12 cents a mile or I’ll have Jose Truckwreck who works for my Mexican division do it.” Joe was making 38 cents a mile. So Joe has to do it for less and starve slowly or get fired and starve quick.

The safety issues are great also. Mexican truckers, in order to make money at what they do, are known to use stimulants to be able to run of 3 days straight. The American rules are run for 10 hours then take at least 12 off. At 12 cents a mile do you think that rule is going to be followed? Strung out truck drivers are a hazard on the road, and make you fear that they might hit a school bus.

These greedy fools and idiots have no concept of the damage they are doing to their own country. If their fathers and grandfathers who survived the great depression and WWII were alive, they would slap these spoiled brats across the face and tell them “I didn’t suffer for you and fight to make you free just so you could enslave Americans! Get out of my sight, you not a child of mine!”

So be real Americans and protest this injustice to every one you know and your local, state and federal politicians. This is our country, not those who want to be our economic-political masters. Stop this before we are all hurt.

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