Greedy business people are using government to kill another American industry

2 09 2007

On Thursday Sep. 6th will start the end of another American industry because of globalization. Which is also known as Capitalists saying “American workers make steal too much of my profits. I’ll pay the politicians to let me get foreigners peasants and make more money!” Trucking, which was a great way for a person to feed their family, will become the next victim of greed.

American workers are now going to be legally replaced by Mexicans, who are paid less than half of what their American counterparts get to haul goods across our country. Mexican trucks will be allowed to drive on American roads. Of course this is a “Test Program” which implies that it is not permanent, just like the income tax.

Now you might ask, who is pushing for this rape of the American trucker? Simple, the Trucking industry is. They want to save on the wages they pay, and keep the profits for themselves. Show me one example of using a cheaper labor source and passing 100 percent of the savings onto the customer. You can’t do it! Because it’s not about getting the consumer cheaper goods, it’s about making more for the owners of a company.

These owners have spent money to start trucking companies in Mexico to be part of the program. So once these trucks are across the boarder they can do any of the work that Joe Trucker is doing now. If an American truck company has a run from Pittsburgh to Chicago, the truck company owner can now say to Joe, “now that you’re competing globally, you will do this run for 12 cents a mile or I’ll have Jose Truckwreck who works for my Mexican division do it.” Joe was making 38 cents a mile. So Joe has to do it for less and starve slowly or get fired and starve quick.

The safety issues are great also. Mexican truckers, in order to make money at what they do, are known to use stimulants to be able to run of 3 days straight. The American rules are run for 10 hours then take at least 12 off. At 12 cents a mile do you think that rule is going to be followed? Strung out truck drivers are a hazard on the road, and make you fear that they might hit a school bus.

These greedy fools and idiots have no concept of the damage they are doing to their own country. If their fathers and grandfathers who survived the great depression and WWII were alive, they would slap these spoiled brats across the face and tell them “I didn’t suffer for you and fight to make you free just so you could enslave Americans! Get out of my sight, you not a child of mine!”

So be real Americans and protest this injustice to every one you know and your local, state and federal politicians. This is our country, not those who want to be our economic-political masters. Stop this before we are all hurt.

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