County Health official tries to protect citizens, gets fired

6 09 2007

From Kender’s Musings a true story about Dr. Gene Rogers, Former Medical Director of Sacramento County’s Indigent Services program.

He was worried about the safety of the American citizens in his county, as he was seeing illegals come to the county clinic with five drug resistant TB, tropical diseases not seen here and leprosy. So he questioned why the illegals are getting free (using your tax dollars) non-emergency care, while citizens go without. Well the bureaucrats who want to be our masters, because they have a liberal arts degree and think that they know more than us poor citizens, fired him because he questioned their insanity, my bad their all knowing wisdom.

“I am concerned that you continue to focus on patients’ immigration status, which is outside your and [the] program’s purview.”

This is from a work review by a supervisor, apparently a moonbat who has no understanding of the concept of protecting the citizens of Sacramento county.

I could go on about the stupidity of this forever, but I’ll let Kender take it from here.

The View From Out Here




One response

17 10 2007
Another Benjamin (FL)

A lot of these imported diseases could be stopped with LIBERAL usage of land mines all along the Southern border.

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