More stench from the bench in Ohio

7 09 2007

Do you smell that? It’s the rotten smell from our Federal judge in Akron; Judge James S. Gwin says that the residency restriction passed by the Ohio legislature can’t be enforced on all sex offenders, just the ones convicted after the law took effect.

I thought that the government’s job was to keep its citizens safe. Now our children will be more easily become victims of perverts and molesters. No, he has to protect the rights of convicted felons to prey on our children.

Judge James S. Gwin has no constitutional basis for this decision. A similar ruling by a federal judge in Iowa was struck down by an appeals court in 2005. I guess he knows more about the constitution than those above him.

Why is he protecting those who have proven that they cannot function in our society?

The case was brought on behalf of Lane Mikaloff, 39, who served 16 years in prison for raping a woman in 1986. Mikaloff received an eviction notice in 2005 from the Summit County sheriff’s office because of his home’s proximity to a public school in Akron.

Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann argues the ruling doesn’t affect anyone but Mikaloff. ‘‘This ruling is based on the unique set of facts and circumstances presented to the Court by this plaintiff, and affects him alone,” Dann said in a statement. Marc Dann, a Democrat, apparently wasn’t in class at law school the day they taught law. I’m sure that it will effect Northern Ohio until it is appealed.

Another sex offender who was convicted in 1995 and 1999 in Cincinnati, who probably shouldn’t be out of prison, is going to be crying to the Ohio Supreme Court soon. I’m sure that his ACLU lawyer will be trying to shove this down the Judges throats. Why they, the ACLU, can get away with condoning behavior that threatens children is beyond me, they need a RICO investigation. You cannot use our freedoms to kill and hurt children and adults.

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