Most Ohioans have good sense when it comes to unfair imports

8 09 2007

From the Reviewonline

Most Ohio voters say they favor restrictions on imports, even if it means higher prices for consumer products, according to a poll released Wednesday.

Sure they would, since the job they would be saving is their own. Ohio has been devastated by cheap imports from countries that are exporting their unemployment to our shores.

‘‘The worker on the ground knows what’s going on,” said Peter Morici, a business professor at the University of Maryland and the former chief economist for the U.S. International Trade Commission. ‘‘The sentiment for more rational trade policy is higher in Indiana and Ohio where they are more impacted directly than in Manhattan where people are making money exporting American jobs.”

The business people in Manhattan are making money by turning our country into a crap hole, and as long as profits flow, they don’t care about the damage they are doing to their country.

People will point out how Wal-mart has helped lower income Americans. Fifteen years ago, wal-mart had low prices, while featuring American goods. They used to hang signs showing off how many American jobs they created. This was the time when Sam Walton died and the business shifted to the children who grew up with everything they needed, and they wanted more. They forced manufactures to lower prices and bought from the communist Chinese, something Sam never would have done. He was well known as an anti-communist. But pride in America meant nothing to his children, only the bottom line. So Wal-marts search for more money put Americans out of work and created a need for their low price goods. A vicious cycle they created indeed.

The problem with some of the people running as Republicans is that they are so up these businessmen’s butts that all they can talk about is “Free Trade.” Here let me fix that for you, “free profits for me and slavery for you peasants that buy my things trade.”

Let me make my case.

A spokesman for Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani said the former New York mayor would emphasize to Ohioans the benefits of free trade.

I hope he doesn’t come to my fair state to peddle that crap, because I’m not buying.

Making a profit is good, but at the price of enslaving your fellow citizens is something we as a nation can not put up with.

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