American Hero, dead

14 09 2007

Miami-Dade Police Officer Jose Somohano, was brutally murdered Thursday afternoon. He leaves behind a wife and two children who will miss their daddy.

He was attacked by a creature, unworthy of the Human DNA his parents gave him, during a traffic stop. American hero Somohano, with 3 other officers were on burglary watch in the Cutler Bay area of southern Miami-Dade County when they stopped the murderer because he was driving a car erratically. The murderer got out in a Bulletproof vest and opened fire of the officers wounding all four. He then fled, The car used in the attack was found 5 miles away, with a AK-47 in it.

The car traced back to the murders girlfriend who gave police the wrong name, causing them to waste time chasing down an innocent man. Her attempt to save her boyfriends sorry excuse for a life should end her up in prison for life in a perfect world.

The murderer was found 30 miles from where he committed this heinous act, and he tried to do it again when he was discovered. He tried to shoot his way out of that situation when he had his birth certificate invalidated. I suspect that he didn’t realized that the cops were expecting him to put up a fight this time.

I feel bad for the shame that the murderers family will feel. They didn’t deserve a relative to act this way. The murderer gets nothing but my contempt.

I hope that the Miami community reaches out to the Somohano family and treats them as royalty in this their darkest hour. My prayers and sympathy’s to you.

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