Bashing Israel’s head against the wall

16 11 2007

In two weeks Condi Rice will start the Annapolis Conference. Once again try to prove American appeasement of islamofascism is not insanity, that doing the same thing over and over will get a different result. She will try again to make Israel give up land for peace.

Here is a news flash Condi, it hasn’t worked yet and it won’t.

Prove to me it has worked. You cant, appeasement to people that want to kill you never has worked! Every square inch of land that America has bullied Israel into giving to the Palestinian terrorist government of fatah and hamas has been used as a launching pad for their next set of attacks to injure, maim and kill Israelis. Now she wants to create the “official” Palestinian State with a capital of Jerusalem and put Israel’s most sacred site, the temple mount, under the control of that bunch of murders.

You would figure after Woodrow Wilson we would have not let another leader of academia near national policy. He brought us the Federal Reserve System, The Income tax and his idyllic dream of the League of Nations. This is why we have the saying “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”

Condi has this idea that she can push Israel into a peaceful relationship with the Palestinians, who care obviously don’t care how many of their own they kill each day, trying to prove who is the alpha dog. What makes you think that they will have any respect for Israel? A country they hate because it exists, a people they hate because they breathe.

It is time to bash our leader’s heads against the wall and tell them to stop the insanity and have Israel enforce its post ‘67 war boarders. Some liberal media types may cry about forcing out the terrorists and the Palestinians but it’s not “their” land to begin with, its Israel’s land. America must defend and help our only true friend in the area.

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