Cue the Crickets

29 11 2007

Today some of the news outlets were commenting on the British teacher in Sudan’s predicament where she will probably receive 40 lashes for doing what her children asked and naming a Teddy Bear “Muhammad”. Absent from the discussion and not wanting to stick out their necks are two groups, CAIR and NOW.

CAIR (our friendly neighborhood unindicted terrorists) have kept their mouths shut on this. A couple of small groups, the Muslim Council of Britton and the American Islamic Congress have come out against this, but nothing from CAIR? Of course, this puts them in a bad spot. If they come out in favor of the lashing, they would totally lose any relevance in America. But they can’t come out against it because they believe the woman should be put in her place. So they are going the safe route and shutting their lie infested mouths.

NOW has me truly amazed because this is right up their alley. A woman teacher is going to be whipped! Not imprisoned but suffer violence, because of what a Teddy Bear was named? If Susan B. Anthony was alive she’d be pissed! She would be screaming at the top of her voice that it was wrong for a woman to be whipped because of a religion that says women must be treated like shit! But the NOW leaders of today are so anti-American that they stand silent in support of a group that will eliminate not only what Susan worked for but force women’s rights back 1200 years. I would die before my daughter wears the symbol of repression known as a burqa. Can you say that Kim Gandy, Patricia Ireland, or Gloria Steinem?

As I said at the top, cue the Crickets.

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One response

5 12 2007
Ben Keeler

Of course CAIR didnt comment on this. They are too busy trying to intimidate Americans into being quiet about suspicious behavior on airlines.

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