A good idea for our schools

17 12 2007

Consolidation, an idea that has been fought from Stubenville through Youngstown to Cleveland. Mostly because everyone wants their little fiefdoms, which has lead to the decline of this entire area. Was put forward Thursday Dec. 13th by Tom Humphries, president/CEO of the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce. Quotes are from The Morning Journal.

According to Humphries, 26 percent of the nation’s population has a bachelor’s degree, and in Ohio, that drops to 22 percent.

In the three-county area of Columbiana, Mahoning and Trumbull, the average is 16 percent, with Columbiana having the lowest number of bachelor degree holders at 10.8 percent of the population.

I think that this is a failure of our school systems. This is a failure of the electorate to find people that truly care about children. Everyone wants to rule their corner of the world. Each town has its own school board with a paid administration, running up the cost per child. I remember when I was in school, the joke was a that all principles dream of waking up one morning and being crowned superintendent.

There are 11 school districts in Columbiana County, meaning 11 superintendents, 11 treasurers, plus one county superintendent and one county vocational superintendent, Humphries pointed out.

In the three-county area, $900 million is spent annually for education, with $105 million of that for administration, and Humphries said by consolidating administrations into one per county, $22.3 million could be saved each year.

By moving to an educational system with just one superintendent and one treasurer per county, those savings then could be used to provide free post-secondary education to every student in each county, Humphries said.

That alone is good enough reason to do this. It would mean opportunity for our children, but we don’t want them to better than us, right?

He pointed out, for example, that there are between 11,000 and 15,000 students in Columbiana County with 13 superintendents, compared to Fairfax, Va., where one county has 163,000 students and one superintendent.

In Virginia, the cost for administration is $800 per student, compared to $1,300 per student in Columbiana County, according to Humphries.

“People need to know this,” Humphries said.

I’m trying to get this out to my corner of the world.

He does have an answer to the funding issues, but isn’t revealing it until he talks to all the superintendents.

“There is a way to do it,” he assured the group.

One quote from the group made me laugh.

Tom Snow, executive director of Columbiana Metropolitan Housing Authority, said, “When you can stand in Columbiana County and throw three stones and hit three new (school) buildings, it’s ridiculous.”

First that is what all the districts told us was needed to make our schools better, instead of educating our children. Second I believe Tom Snow was Assistant Superintendent, a paid position, in East Liverpool in the 80’s and may have been Superintendent for a while. Would that not have made him part of the problem.

We need to wake up and put the children first not our petty needs to be important.

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Another example of Palestinian Child Abuse

13 12 2007

I have found another instance of Hamas brainwashing innocent children to become murderous cutthroats like them. Hamas TV has a boy and girl whining about the al-aqsa mosque and talking about their simple solution, Kill all the Zionists.

This is another reason that Israel should not deal with people who only want to kill them.

You think I’m making this up? I found the article Here. and you can get the video Here.

Here is the conversation between tween two children mind you.

Boy: “My beloved brothers, as you know, today the Al-Aqsa Mosque is crying out: ‘Where are the people of the frontline, the Palestinian people?’ Yes, my dear brothers, that is the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The subject of our lesson today is Jerusalem, to where your Prophet made his nocturnal journey – the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

“Yes, my beloved brothers, as you know today, and as you knew yesterday and the day before, the Al-Aqsa Mosque has fallen into oppressing and malicious hands, the hands of those who know nothing but injustice. But let me tell you how the Al-Aqsa Mosque will be returned, how we shall rescue it from the shackles of the occupation, from the shackles of the Zionist entity.

“Will it be through conferences? No, not through conferences, but by means of force, because the Zionist entity, your enemy, the enemy of Allah, the enemy of Islam, knows nothing but injustice and the killing of Palestinians, the persevering people on the frontline. Indeed, the [mosque] will be returned only by means of force.

Girl: “To Al-Aqsa, to Al-Aqsa – we shall unite our ranks. We will wipe out the people of Zion, and will not leave a single one of them.”

So viewers, here is another reason Palestine doesn’t deserve a state. People that would brainwash their children are obviously not sane. or deserve recognition as human beings.

Why would a sane parent expose a child to this garbage is beyond me. I love my child, apparently they don’t. And Hamas goes on abusing children, and their parents don’t care.

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Uncaring, incompetent or worse?

5 12 2007

I found this article in the online version of The Review as a small headline, not front and center news.

Cocaine, machine gun found in home. That’s a catchy title; I’ll bite and read it.

East Liverpool police officers gained entry to an Ambrose Avenue house Monday and discovered a machine gun and 260 grams of suspected cocaine, according to a police department incident report.

The report states that East Liverpool police officers spotted a person who had an outstanding warrant enter the residence at xxx Ambrose Ave., a known “crack house.” Officers managed to get persons to answer the door, and while inside found several individuals from the Columbus, Ohio, area.

People from Columbus in Liverpool? Too late in the year for the pottery festival, they must have wanted to see Devon’s Diamond!

All were checked for warrants and weapons because of large-caliber bullets lying in full sight. The residence was searched for weapons, revealing a Mac 10 machine gun.

If I was a cop, this would be a great bust. Over a half pound of coke, a machine gun found hidden and no gunplay. But what about the people you found there, ELPD?

None of the people occupying the residence lived at the residence and were told to leave.

What? No one you found there lived there. Wouldn’t that be Trespassing? Whose crack was it then?

I can hear them now, “Gee, officer, just before you came through the door, a hole opened up in the sky and a half pound of blow landed on the table and we saved it for you! Because were not criminals trying to distribute it or anything like that.”

I was wrong. If your using someone else’s residence, who doesn’t know your there, to distribute cocaine. Wouldn’t that be Criminal Trespassing? Wouldn’t that be Intent to distribute? That would explain why the doors were heavily barricaded, and there was an infrared surveillance system inside. The street value of the crack cocaine was estimated at $26,000.

If the ELPD can’t make a single arrest with a half pound of coke, then there is a major problem here. They should have at least arrested them and let the lawyers sort it out. I think the police need some reeducation or their heads bashed together to knock some sense into them. They didn’t even catch the person that they went in for!

I have a question for all of you. What are the 3 things you find in a crack house when drugs are being distributed out of it? drugs (found), guns (found), and cash (not found) but everyone has a get out of jail free card apparently.

The problem is one of the following. They don’t care about the people of East Liverpool, they are amazingly incompetent or it’s worse than that. All three are hard fixes and will take time for the good citizens of East Liverpool to believe the ELPD has the peoples interests at heart again.

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