Uncaring, incompetent or worse?

5 12 2007

I found this article in the online version of The Review as a small headline, not front and center news.

Cocaine, machine gun found in home. That’s a catchy title; I’ll bite and read it.

East Liverpool police officers gained entry to an Ambrose Avenue house Monday and discovered a machine gun and 260 grams of suspected cocaine, according to a police department incident report.

The report states that East Liverpool police officers spotted a person who had an outstanding warrant enter the residence at xxx Ambrose Ave., a known “crack house.” Officers managed to get persons to answer the door, and while inside found several individuals from the Columbus, Ohio, area.

People from Columbus in Liverpool? Too late in the year for the pottery festival, they must have wanted to see Devon’s Diamond!

All were checked for warrants and weapons because of large-caliber bullets lying in full sight. The residence was searched for weapons, revealing a Mac 10 machine gun.

If I was a cop, this would be a great bust. Over a half pound of coke, a machine gun found hidden and no gunplay. But what about the people you found there, ELPD?

None of the people occupying the residence lived at the residence and were told to leave.

What? No one you found there lived there. Wouldn’t that be Trespassing? Whose crack was it then?

I can hear them now, “Gee, officer, just before you came through the door, a hole opened up in the sky and a half pound of blow landed on the table and we saved it for you! Because were not criminals trying to distribute it or anything like that.”

I was wrong. If your using someone else’s residence, who doesn’t know your there, to distribute cocaine. Wouldn’t that be Criminal Trespassing? Wouldn’t that be Intent to distribute? That would explain why the doors were heavily barricaded, and there was an infrared surveillance system inside. The street value of the crack cocaine was estimated at $26,000.

If the ELPD can’t make a single arrest with a half pound of coke, then there is a major problem here. They should have at least arrested them and let the lawyers sort it out. I think the police need some reeducation or their heads bashed together to knock some sense into them. They didn’t even catch the person that they went in for!

I have a question for all of you. What are the 3 things you find in a crack house when drugs are being distributed out of it? drugs (found), guns (found), and cash (not found) but everyone has a get out of jail free card apparently.

The problem is one of the following. They don’t care about the people of East Liverpool, they are amazingly incompetent or it’s worse than that. All three are hard fixes and will take time for the good citizens of East Liverpool to believe the ELPD has the peoples interests at heart again.

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