Announcing a Conservitive Party for America

24 01 2008

Well, I am coming out of the post Fred funk I was feeling after he dropped out.

I ran across this. The Get off’a My Lawn Party. which has 4 basic premises now.

1. You want to tax me for the bribes you’re offering people to vote for you? GET OFFA MY LAWN!

2. You want to impose limits on the kinds of food I eat, based on junk science? GET OFFA MY LAWN!

3. You want to drag the freest and most prosperous society in human history back to the Stone Age because some wacko claims we’re going to burn the planet to a crisp and drown those cuddly polar bears? GET OFFA MY LAWN!

4. You want to kill me and everyone else who doesn’t share your belief in the holiness of a meteorite in Mecca? GET OFFA MY LAWN! PLANET!

I’m going to help out where I can.

The View From Out Here




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